Sunday, 10 August 2014

Spirit Influences

Sister: I will try to answer the question you wanted to ask for J. I have seen Dr M. We had some mutual work to do in the matter of our personal relations. I misjudged him, and of course had a strong desire to repair my fault. The doctor is working hard, and is one of the big helpers over here along his own lines. He was far too easily influenced from this side toward the later years of his life, and so fell into the power of the unscrupulous souls so thick over here. Because of the obsession of this man here, the doctor, who has a splendid strong soul, was victimised, and almost swept away from his moorings. It was the wonderful devotion of his friend, J., which saved his soul as well as his body. For this service Dr M. is doing all he can here, and wishes me to have you tell J. that he will see to it he never has any long illness there before he passes over. He shall come through swiftly, and without pain of any sort. With this love working for him here, he need never worry over future trouble, I know how to repay great service, tell him, and he may count on my help always.

If J. will let you tell him about what you have already had from me, he will gain a fair idea of conditions here. The influence which tried to wreck Dr M. was from one who had followed his life for years. Thanks to J. he has been absolutely eliminated. Dr M. says he tries always to prevent J. from taking up with any mediums, as he now realises why it was so disastrous for him. He let down the bars of his splendid will, and so laid himself open to the fate which almost got him. Sister, do not write much; it is too risky. Just as soon as any of the unscrupulous find out you are open to our vibratory connection they will try to push us away, and replace us, using you to their own ends. You are already easy, and for that reason be careful. I am working daily on the plane Helen told you about, so cannot come to you as quickly or easily as before. Because of this fact it is a danger that unscrupulous spirits can profit by. Only when you have some really vital question to ask allow yourself to write. Otherwise wait until one of us causes you to feel impelled to, as today. I find you always feel my will, so there is no danger of losing our connection. Au revoir,