Monday, 11 August 2014

Harpies and Vampires in the Spirit World

The first part of this letter was lost in transmission because of the invasion of other influences during its communication —

When people receive messages from here you are helpless to determine who the senders are, so it is only by the character of the contents of each message that you can have any feeling of security that the person whose name is attached is giving the message. 

R's mother has been for years on a very high plane. But—and this you must note well—there have been none able to take her messages before we came and completed the chain of love from here to there. It takes love, and those who care, to make the chain strong enough to carry past the borderland of darkness where spirits live who love to deliver false messages from us to you. We feel even more strongly than you the injustice of this arrangement. It is one of the laws we resent and cannot understand, this being unable to prevent inferior personalities from linking themselves more readily with you than we who wish only good, and never misuse the power given one of you to make the link with us here. We sometimes have to fight to keep the harpies and vampires away from those we love, because our people are so ignorant they allow themselves to drift below the boundary line where we always conquer. We must be very, very strong in spirit to be able to vanquish the low when they are on our plane. We must have been here long, and have wiped from our own hearts all lower qualities in order not to risk being at least crippled by a band of the strong lower souls. Were we high enough to easily conquer them we should then be unable to connect with you. See how it works? Those who remain on the border are subject to the ills this plane has. We, as well as you, must pay a price for all we enjoy. R's mother can now send a message direct through Harry and me. We have chains now in many directions, quite complete. R. has no more loving or loyal helper than her own sister J., who was only a baby when she came over, and so has more knowledge of this place than of your plane. She has a nature more like her mother's than R's, yet she is so sweet and bright she can penetrate into darker places than we dare to go, and can help direct us as to what is best to do in certain crises of your lives. We try to protect our own plane from evil influences. J. is D's best protector. Her love keeps off all evil thought directed toward him. She has helped to keep his mind clean and pure as R. has. Mothers must sleep sometimes, and cannot always be there to protect their beloved ones. We watch over them while she sleeps, or is occupied with other duties. We have the advantage of being able to see evils approaching. R's mother directs us many times, and shows us where and how to give the help she cannot herself perform. Oh, it is all a big, splendid system for helping. Harry told it—it is just give and take help, give with love, take with gladness.

Sister, don't worry about any of the things we have you write. F. is quite right about testing us well. Why should you resent that if you have the feeling that precludes real test. There must be sympathy or the chain breaks. Goodbye,