Sunday, 10 December 2017

In the life of all

God, looking down upon His little children, sees them struggling with temptation and their many sadnesses, and if you would but allow it, He could gather all into His Mighty Arms, when grief could touch you no more. But because you cannot always do that, He does not stand aside, but ever and ever again wards off the enemy, and brings into the very surroundings which hurt you most the brightness and the sunshine of His Presence. All will acknowledge that at times, if not always, they feel the warmth of His most blessed Love close unto them, and they marvel that anything could be strong enough to come in between.

Little children on a long journeythat's what you areand if only you wish to do the right thing, it is not more serious than that. It is only if the influence could be great enough to turn you from the light to darkness, that real evil could come.

As it is, you are little children on a long journey. Sometimes you delay yourselves by stopping for this and for that; it is like plucking the red berries which have danger in their beautybut we are there, and just as the mother would watch her child, so we loosen the fingers and cast the temptation aside. Come along, we say, there are lovelier things in frontand in a moment, that which so attracted has passed from the mind in the anticipation of what lies ahead.

Again, sometimes children are rather heedlessthey carelessly run on, and in spite of warning, lo, the stone in the path is unseenand down they go. Of course, we are distressed because they suffer, but a child's wounds soon heal, and taking the lesson to heart, for a little while they are content to walk by our side.

These things happen in the life of all, however great or important the position held by the one concernedthese things occur, and all the superiority about being experienced and 'grown-up' avails nothing. 

When they come here and see things as they are, they will say that it was even as I saidLike a child on a long journey that grows very tired, that stumbles and falls; but the parent brings that child safe home at lastand that is the only point that counts in the reckoning up. The child is safe home at last in her Father's House, and the Great Father of us all knows how to wipe out sad memories and all those things which we would forget, and in their place gives joy and peace and understanding.

And so, my children, I leave you tonight, hoping that youon thinking over these simple wordsthat you will gain comfort, and also comprehension of what physical life really represents, and above all, to make your own the thought of the mighty, overwhelming Love of the Father, who never loses patience with His children, who never wishes He had left them behind. No, the great Father is different from the earthly father in many, many ways; He knows that in time the child will recognise the link between them, when He can do for that child and give to that child all that His Heart longs toand then the love between them is complete.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Little children on a long journey

Little children on a long journeythat's what you areand if only you wish to do the right thing, it is not more serious than that. It is only if the influence could be great enough to turn you from the light to darkness that real evil could come.

Zodiac’s Teachings

The most effective of all weapons

While the pain is borne, hold on to the thought of Divine Love, then something, something of the realisation and revelation will come of what that pain is working out.

The treasure that pain can purchase

Cast from your mind that distorted thought that God stands aside and allows the evil to do its worst. Gather in instead this consolation—That Christ who suffered so much Himself, out of Love, dare not tear from the individual soul the treasure that pain can purchase.

Words are dangerous weapons

How often is it that the conviction comes that we have put into words that which but faintly represents what was in our mindand we sayOh, I didn't mean it exactly in the way I put it! but the words have gone outthey have found a lodgement in the mind of another, and the first little bit of damage has been done.

So much love

Love, I have found always, is a very humbling thing. It brings with it a sense of unworthiness, a humility that instantly raises in the mind that queryI wonder why they love me! Yes, and more than words can say, does not this apply to that great and overwhelming love which the Saviour bestows upon us all? Doesn't it make us humble to feel that wewho sometimes forget how much we love Himthat we are the recipients of so much love, unasked for, unpetitioned, so much love in its completest form?

Zodiac’s Teachings

I wonder how God can love me!

I wonder how God can love me! 

Because you are My own!

Great Spirit of Love

Oh, do try and gather this closercloser to that self within which does understand a little what Divine Love represents. Have you not said to yourselvesI wonder how God can love me! All, all who are His acknowledged children think thatand the answer comes at onceBecause you are My own! That, dear children, should tell you a little, it should explain something of that wonderful tie there is between you and the Fatherthat unbreakable tie, which means that foreverfor all that Eternity which your mind has to leave untouchedthat you are bound to Him and, what is more wonderful still, that Hethe Great Spirit of Loveis bound to us. Inseverable are the links, and it is our glorious privilege to claim, not only as a gift but as a rightthat care, that protection, which is our own.

Zodiac’s Teachings

God's ways are best

Have more faith; have more trust in the tender regard of our Father. Say to yourselfYes, this may seem an unwarranted blow; that like a stab in the backbut I knowI know that God is my Father, in the sense that He protects, and that in the by-and-by even that which struck the hardest will be revealed as Love and the wonderful purpose shown beneath!

Hold your flag up

Bestir that which is within and make room for the spirit to grow. Remember that however hard, however steep the path may seem, it is simply in imagination only; built up by the physical mind alone, for the spirit, free and separated from everything that bespeaks pain, joys in its God, rejoices in its at-one-ment with the Great Spirit and draws unto itself the power which is of Him.

Set your house in order; be watchful over the little things, prayerful over the big. And as each night falls, and as each morning's work begins, know that within you is the strength, the courage which will carry you through; that even as an army there are the helpers around you, inspiring and encouraging you to answer to the Voice that calls you on.

Do not distress if the enemy makes a noisy fusilladehe is not on the gaining side. And although at times it seems to you that the forces of evil can trample the good underneath, yet the good is only pushed on one side, and when the evil has exhausted itself, rises up untouched, supreme.

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Monday, 4 December 2017

Strive still more

In the Spirit, space, time divisions, separations, all fall to the ground. We are one great family in Christ, and wherever you may be or whatever calls there may be upon you, that close, intimate family life is never interfered with, and we areat a thoughtin perfect communion with you and nothing is strong enough to come in between.

I want you, if you can, to strive still moreto strive and yet not to be disheartened if you seem to fail; to remember that hereafter all will be made plain, and then living as a matter of course in the environment of Love, you will find that all thoughts which are not of Love will be alien to you, and they will cause you pain until they are brought into harmony with that which abounds on every side.

Archdeacon Basil Wilberforce In Spirit

A Message—Archdeacon Wilberforce In Spirit

If the world of the Spirit has been so close to me, with its wondrous and glorious conditions of illumination, how was it that sadness came so close, even though faith persisted?

I want you to get this truth into your understanding—Life upon earth, useful to a degree that we cannot comprehend until we come here, is in its entirety, nothing but a reflection, a shadow of the real things, which are going on underneath—the growth of the spirit, desire, the gaining of experience, and that putting forth of the branches of power.

Do not let yourself dwell on physical things and the material conditions which surround your daily life—do not let your thoughts dwell on them; master them and control them so far as you are able—and remember always that they are but shadows of the real.

Ponder upon the things of the Spirit, upon those conditions in which you will find yourself, for I tell you, in the most emphatic way I can, that when you emerge from the twilight of the earth's experience into the noonday of God's Promised Land, you will find this—Permeating everything, controlling, overwhelming all that has been built up, either in the worlds of the Spirit or upon earth, you will find Love and Charity holding the reins of government on every side.

You see what is in front of you. You see the lessons that have to be learnt, relearnt, and those things which have to be forgotten. You will come here with your thoughts of each—the memories of the physical mind persist for a while—and you will come face to face with Love in such an awe-inspiring way that those thoughts will wither up. And you, with a cleansed heart and mind, will take up your task anew—take it up in this sense—That what has been, you will turn over and start again. You will go back over the past—for what a man sows that shall he also reap—and you will remould that which you created in ignorance—you will remould it nearer to the ideal—and God and His angels will be there to help you and to show you how to do it.

Bear in mind that you are sufficiently prepared to take in this great truth—You can say to yourself—Here and now I start afresh and, also, here and now I go back on the past and make good that which, with larger vision, I see is faulty. You can do that now. And then, when you step free from the physical into the Land where sorrow is unknown, you will find that all the time those bonds which seemed to bind you while in the flesh, that they existed in imagination only because you had knocked at the door of Spiritual Understanding—and Christ had opened it and let you in.

Archdeacon Basil Wilberforce In Spirit

Absence in any other sense

I want you to understand that absence in the physical sense does not mean absence in any other sense at all.

Archdeacon Basil Wilberforce (In Spirit)

Into Certainty

Don't you know the journey which the physical mind has always to go through in order to reach happiness? First of all, it has to extricate itself from its bonds—yes, even as a prisoner in a dark dungeon, so is the physical mind before it hears the call to arise and go to meet its God. But the smallest movement in the heart in the way of effort makes it possible for the prisoner to look up, and thereout of the prison window, may bebut there he sees a little of the light of the great big world without. That is the first step. The second is hope, and then how to get free.

Little do you know it but there are very few who, during their earthly experience, are not even as prisoners, bound by the limitations and the exactions of the body. But hope is therehe sees the lightand rises in a vain endeavour, so it seems to him, to reach that which is so desirable.

You see, dear children, I am trying to build up in your minds some idea of the position as presented to you. It appears to you, that although you arise and peer at the light, you can do little moreyou are bound by your chains and fastened within a locked door. You all know that feeling, you have saidYes, the light is there but how can I reach it? Between me and freedom there is that thick impenetrable obstacle of lack of faith, of circumstances, and of physical disabilities, which I cannot break through!

But with God, all things are possible and, even as the disciple of old found when he answered to the Voice of the Spirit, the prison doors were opened and he walked forth free from all that boundand so it is with you. Once the desire comes to make that light your own, it is only a question of effort, of dedication, and of preparationto find those seemingly impenetrable walls exist no longer, and that you can step forth into that which of all things is the most glorious, both in your world and in our realms over hereinto certainty.

Now, dear children, you know that there is no joy which is perfect if it holds one petal of doubt. No, it must be free from questionings and misgivings if it is to bring you the happiness that it representsand so I say that the last stage is glorious indeed. You step out free from the world, from your heartaches, from the doubts of the questioning mindstep into the light of understanding of the Love of God. And then certaintywhich means contentment and completenessso fills your heart and mind, that there is no room for those other half-joys to enter injust certainty that God does not fail, that what He has said was not meant to be interpreted in this way or that, but stands as it is. I am the Light of the World He said, and in so saying He knew that death had far less evil in it than doubt and misgiving and all those tortures which sting the physical mind again and again.

Believe in God. Go through your records, through the sacred script which you call the Bible, and you will seeif only you read it arightthat what God has once given, that He never takes away, and that the Master fulfils His promises down to the tiniest detail. You will find it so hereafter in such a comprehensive wide-stretching way, that you will be amazed at the magnitude of Love laid out before your wondering eyes.

Zodiac’s Teachings

The Shadows

The shadows, it seems, separate you from the Master, but because darkness and light have nothing in common, no force of evil could ever separate God from you. He is your Father, and the Father does not desert His little children in their hour of need.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Just the wish

Just the wish to love God and to do His will ensures an illumined way and protection.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Unlimited and Unceasingly

Take this thought and make it your own

Picture to yourself peace as a beautiful cloud of gold and pink and blue. When war is on or when disease has humanity in its gripalways; every day, every hour, every minutethis wonderful, beneficent peace comes from God Himselfin an unlimited way and unceasingly, and will until we find our peace in Christ at last.

It seems to us sometimes that it has very little effect upon the minds and hearts of those who are responsible for the running of the world. Yet, pause awhile. Is it not so that many discords and many divergencies of opinion are healed over and over again; that agreements are come to in spite of the most bitter opposition which held the ground in the first instance? Is it not true that even in wars, the longing for peace comes to both sides at last? Is it not so that quarrels of all kinds are smoothed out, that anger dies down, that bitterness loses its sting? But in the centre of family life, even amongst the children, there is the desire to kiss and be friends.

See in these little signs, the first tiny seeds of preparation for what isand must bein the Realms of the Spirit where harmony is in command. We all love the sound of harmony because it represents, so often, that which we are without, or which has come to us in such a pathetically limited way that hardly have we grasped it when other forces have snatched it from us.

Therefore, by its very elusiveness, it has grown doubly precious to us. By the fact that  we love harmony, we are bringing it into our conditions in a way absolutely unthought-of. 

Zodiac’s Teachings

Brotherhood of Humanity

Consciously or unconsciously, we belong to the great Brotherhood of Humanitynot to a sect, a belief, a race, or a creed. Whether we recognise it or not, we all belong to the great brotherhood under Christ; we are brother to each one and all and all and each one is brother to us.

Living in God's Eternal Day

Blind I may be, but Christ sees for me, and with Him I am safe!

Until we can, in a measure, get this attitude of mindthe suffering, the feeling of isolation, and despair will go on. 

We sufferthe shadows are pressingbut now and always God's protection is complete because we emerge from the darkness into the light. This is what so-called death representsthat final emerging from the twilight of earthly experience into the light of revelation, when Love surrounds us and joy is our natural environment because we are living in God's Eternal Day.

Perfect Faith

Blind I may be, but Christ sees for me, and with Him I am safe!