Saturday, 25 March 2017

Sail a middle course

Learn to master your ship of life.

Follow the Ark

Follow the Ark of the Covenant in obedience to your Divine Guidance.

Swallowed up in the Great Deep

Make all that is good and pure and helpful stand as a wall of protection and helpfulness upon your Right Hand and all that is evil or impure to flow away on your Left Hand and out of your life, to be swallowed up in the Great Deep.

The Divine in You

Learn consciously to bathe in the Crystal River proceeding out of the throne of God, the place where the Divine in you rules all your conditions, your life and all its activities.

Seeds of Karma

A wise gardener will destroy the tiny shoots [the seed of a weed] ere they have time to choke out the flowers. So it is with the seeds of Karma. 

By their fruits ye shall know them

By their fruits ye shall know them

We are judged by the life we lead.

Fruit of Intolerance

The child of fear sows seeds of prejudice and the fruit of intolerance leads us to condemn those who believe differently.

Seeds of fear

There is nothing so apt to make one a bigot and sap from his nature all natural kindness and love for his fellow man as to dwell in fear.

The Dweller

As a man throweth away old garments and putteth on new, even so, the dweller in the body, having quitted its old mortal frame, entereth into others which are new.

Bhagavad Gita

Monday, 20 March 2017

Trust Unswervingly

To know no doubtful hopes, no absurd fears, and to dare without danger is to trust unswervingly in the power of God and of the Christ within; to courage, honesty, purity of life and thought and fearlessness.

Universal Rule

The axiom, As above so below; as below so above is a universal rule which applies to all Worlds.

Set to work to be really the thing which you admire

Set to work to be really the thing which you admire.

Accomplish and overcome

Try to correlate your mind with your Higher Divine Self and to ask of this Divine Self that it shall help you to learn the lessons step by step as they come up in your life and that as you accomplish and overcome you may recognise what you have accomplished.

The Teacher

The Greatest Magnet

The greatest magnet is love and next most powerful is hate.

Special Affinitisation

After death, everyone enters into the magnetic sphere which agrees with his own special affinitisation.

We are just what our Soul has built

We must remember that those things which we have truly learned and impressed permanently upon our higher consciousness are the only things we carry away with us; we are just what our Soul has built into character, not what might be considered our just due from a worldly point of view.

The Teacher

In the path of the Ego's Evolution

In the path of the Ego's evolution, it is said we have three mounts to climb; the first is always one of worldly preferment; then we go down into the valley where all such things are taken from us except the lessons we have learned; then we climb the mental height and again are plunged into the valley, or have great mental ability yet lack all opportunity to study; until finally with all these lessons impressed upon us we laboriously climb the spiritual height.

The Teacher

Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Divine Flame

Humility is the keynote through which we enter into the Divine Realms. 

Even as we are known

If we could lift our consciousness more closely to Divinity and realise that we also are Divine and one with our Father, we would have no questionings at all but would know even as we are known.

The Teacher

Only His love for this world can save us all

Do not take literally or believe in anything which makes God a cruel God, for God is love. God is Love and Love is God. Therefore, it is only His love for this world that can save us all.

The Teacher