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26 September 2021

God always works on straight lines.

It is all so simple, in the sense that God always works on straight lines, that His children are equal in His sight and that He does not bestow upon one that which He withheld from another.

Unlimited, unstinted, with a generosity absolutely inexplicable to us, His gifts lie all around for man to gather up, and if the spirit within was given more of a free hand, those gifts could be attached to each one, and much, much suffering would be saved in consequence.

Zodiac, the Christ Messenger

Wheatfield with crows | Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) | Van Gogh Museum

22 September 2021

Gems of Mysticism


Teachings of The Order of Christian Mystics (1908–1946)

Gems of Mysticism groups together treasured thoughts golden in their wisdom and luminous with love.

Sample excerpts—

  • To think much about your shortcomings and limitations is but to give them life and force, for thoughts are things and create after their kind. 
  • Determine to think strength, love and confidence until you draw them to you and build them into your life.
  • If you stumble, do not waste a moment's thought over it, but remember the lesson from it, and say—I must be up and doing. That is past and gone and it shall not hold me back. Truly, nothing can hold you back unless you hold to it.
  • Just go about your Father's business each day accomplishing the tasks that are yours—each day doing the little things, bright-eyed, clear-visioned, and with a cheerful countenance, seeing the stones and ruts in your path, but able to see how to step over or around them because the Light within your heart has become the light of your world, combining Love and Wisdom.
  • Every positive stand you take builds character, increases your strength, lifts you out of your negative state, gives you the power to conquer your weaknesses and tends to make promptness, courage, resolution and trust, habits, which will replace the negative habit of making excuses.
  • There is no royal road to Divine Wisdom. There is, however, a straight and narrow path to spiritual unfoldment. It is found only by wedding Knowledge to Understanding and Love to Wisdom. It must be trodden step by step, often in weariness and with bleeding feet.
  • If we control one selfish trait, which before held us captive, we may know that we have taken a real step upward.
  • And the first and greatest of all magical powers to be attained by the pupil of Mysticism is the magical power of controlling himself; of day after day mastering the little things, with no heroics, perhaps with no one to commend him or realise that he is making any effort, yet still controlling his little tempers, his little impatiences, little acts of selfishness, his tendency to criticise, and all the little, trifling things he knows are wrong, but which seem too petty to be worth mentioning. The building of these little lessons into his life is the most practical formula that can be given to him.
  • Victory over discouragement is one of the greatest victories man can win.
  • A kind word spoken even to a stray dog will not return to you void.
  • Let each Soul take the little grains of experience in his or her nature, learn the lessons from them and build around them layer after layer of love and devotion until they become pearls of Wisdom.
  • He that is with you (your Higher Self) is greater than he (the personality or lower self) that is against you.
  • The first Gate to be passed is the attainment of Charity and Tolerance for all; a realisation of Divine Love, and an earnest desire to become one with The Christ-force, which is manifesting in your fellow man. This is the first Gate to be entered because intolerance is a bar to further progress.
  • Find yourself, do your own thinking and live true to your own divine guidance.
  • You are often told to live close to Nature, yet very few understand the significance of that injunction—In Nature, you will find an explanation of every experience through which you pass. 
  • Truth is more than merely refraining from speaking falsely. It means being true in every phase of your thoughts, desires and life, being true to your Divine Self. Let Truth search out every hidden fault and failing that you may recognise and correct it. Have no false conceptions, no veils to hide your real character from you. Above all things be true. Think true. Act true. Live true.

Inline cover of the album Words of Wisdom | Máté Molnár | Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

21 September 2021

Potent Prayers—Divine Invocation at its most potent!


Prayers of The Order of Christian Mystics

POTENT PRAYERS is a collection of truly inspired prayers, for every occasion and every need and mood. These potent and mystical prayers promise the aspirant, by their regular use, together with their attendant visualisations, the manifold bless­ings and joys, protection and comfort of the spiritual forces, which these mystical prayers actually invoke.

The Virgin in Prayer | Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato (1609–1685) | National Gallery

LIVING WITH SPIRIT—His true delight in clarifying immediately.


Our pure and utter perplexion is His true delight in clarifying immediately.

Purnomo Sigit | Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

LIVING WITH SPIRIT—Capture that great, eternal thought.


Capture that great, eternal thought 

You can do it! 


And you will learn to distinguish your higher aspirations from your lower tendencies

You will recognise it at once

The push in the right direction. 

Created and rendered especially for Wikimedia.org by Pablo Carlos Budassi | Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Potent Prayers | Morning Prayer



I have within me the power of The Christ. 

I can conquer all that comes to me today. 

I am strong enough to bear every trial and accept every joy;

And to say— 

Thy perfect will be done!

Letters from the Teacher, Vol. I, transmitted by RAHMEA, Priestess of the Flame; edited by F. HOMER CURTISS, B.S., M.D., 1909, THE CURTISS BOOK COMPANY Denver, Colorado, U. S. A, Appendix, p. 154

Otto Pilny (1866-1936)

10 September 2021

Shakespeare's Spiritual Revelations

Shakespeare's Spiritual Revelations

Get your stick [pencil] and make me a poem, W. S. [in Spirit] enjoins his pen, S—,

Now is that in black and white? Can I think without my bones?

Willy-nilly is a poor master and a poorer hireling.

Thought is a force, but who can force a thought?

A flower seldom blossoms either before or after its time.

A toadstool makes poor shelter from the rain!

Scandal travels faster than light, but a poor woman's virtue assailed is a lightning stroke.

Work is a blessing and idleness a curse. Yet who prays 
for the blessing and despises the curse.

To hatch wings is given even to worms.

The dove is a lovebird and true, but its nest is invaded by the owl.

A serpent is wisdom and wise as a serpent oft said. 
Without legs, it crawls on its belly, its weapon venomous and hidden in its head.

Too much learning makes a dolt.

Fortune and favour ruins more souls than poverty.

Pigs and sows have no need of gloves.

A man never wants anything he has defiled.

If you give your soul to a man instead of giving it to God, he will knock it around like a cricket ball.

Poke a hornet's nest if you want to be stung.

Worship is of two kinds—outward and inward.

The lamb and the lion are in the spirit peaceable, but 
there are preying wolves seeking the unguarded both in the spirit and earth planes. So beware, my lamb.

The flowers of the kingdom are all in one bouquet. The 
humble ones have their virtue, and the beautiful ones their poison, sometimes.

No bronze typifies the spirit. How do you account for 

Jesus of Nazareth was the world's greatest medium. But 
He heard the voice of Satan in the wilderness, as well as His Father's voice. Evil and good abounds.

Dying does not alter anything, but separates rather.

Much of my work should be burned and future generations purified thereby.

Work no iniquity, for it is eternal.

Spare, bear and free thy spirit future care.

To walk with the angels, who aspires? To sit with mongrels and feast is man's aim on earth, as we see from the spirit side.

Told a thousand thousand times my faults to save mankind!

Sobriety is a blessing, which endures, ay, past the end.

Foisted on man's soul the crimes he has done his enemies.

Revenge is sweet
 men say. But where one meets his debt, 
he finds not one escapes vengeance.

Mercy and charity are His only.

To escape many have tried, but none found possible.

When a spirit finds himself naked, he longs for raiment. This is awarded as his first blessing.

If men would discover the soul, let these seek aright. It will not be found at the dissecting college.

Wherever a man turns, he looks God in the face, yet he sees Him not in himself until it is too late.

A reviler and a tempter are the same; both spoilers.

The courageous need no armour. A daring spirit is protected by Divine Justice.

Criminals with stripes behind prison walls pay their penalties, but there is a prison without walls, which is found by the spirit who has not paid and is guilty.

When we become spirit, we seek to elevate through our experience. To save others we come, since ourselves, we did not save.

Some puny puke would spur a plot or play

To set the world agog? Ah, well-a-day.

Where he must pass when he shall fare from the earth,

No plot or play will find him spirit berth.

The man who thinks himself wise needs only to pass through the change [the transition] to find a fool's past staring him in the face.

Woe unto him who dies satisfied with his soul.

A sinner profiteth by God's mercy. But a pervert has lost God.

Foiled is many a murderer's dirk. But the one who stabs thee from behind has no claim.

Equality is not possible for mortals. But in spirit, all are poorfew have riches and none are perfect.

Society of one's equals is rarely possible unless through humility one's stature be shifted to include those who measure themselves up to the heights.

To plan is to conceive. To conceive is to create.

Gems stud the rocks and beset the sky, yet none shineth so bright as a pure soul.

The Master Mechanic draws no patterns and uses no screws. 
The bill and talons of a bird are His wonders, as well as the wings.

Halos, I have not seen. Beyond the beyond must be these.

Softly, as the night drops over all, the soul emerges from its clay.

Your many questions plied would fill the shelves of the world in bound volumes.

Joy is enduring only, which harms not another or thyself.

Torture nothing. Pain is pain.

Supply the thrill at the cost of God's light and you will 
know darkness deeper than woe.

Esteem is like perfume. It permeates the world.

Frankness is to be shunned where it causes a wound.

Model your life after the Great Pattern. To be less is unlike.

Change cometh to all stations in the future life. No man 
is what he thought himself and nothing which was thought of him can alter the final estimate set on him.

The future is just ahead. Today was yesterday. Tomorrow will soon be today.

Paradise is the cow's pasture for some. If it only contains 
the stomach full and they may browse eternally in clover!

Play is a good thing, but work is better.

Smoke without fire is impossible.

Many a faggot has been used as a torch to bear light to a benighted world.

Fortune favours earth's men with shining metals and gems, which they cannot fetch along with them, and he only is rich whose misfortune hath profited him.

Man's greatest blessing is the forbearance of the Almighty God, who stays His hand.

The lower the instinct, the larger the debt.

Yearning is of two kinds; earthly and heavenly. One keeps you down and the other uplifts.

White is the colour of a saint's robes, but many a saint is without a saint's robe.

Fairies are listeningbeware!

In the spirit, there is no change, but exchange, and this is no trade and no voluntary bargain.

We, in the spirit world, know no stocks, either security. All is variable and unstable.

Where love is, there is holinesswhere is none, there is hell.

Where worlds divide, mortals care not. When they become spirit, they may care less.

Life is difficult, it is true. But eternal life is more difficult still. So prepare for this now while you can do so. After the change, you will have to serve as you profited by the preliminary course.

Work for an object not alone earthly. Diversify your time with a humorous story, but do not wake expecting to find a library of knowledge at your fingertips or before your eyes. Progression is the first law of spirit and service is the school.

Copper is a base metal yet serves where gold could not.

Refinement of taste and custom is due to the worldlings who seek it in the hereafter, but where they shall find it, I cannot say.

No loopholes of escape are there after death sets the spirit free. You HAVE escaped. And the mystery is a mystery still.

Go about your duties, nor pause for any trivial occurrence, which would retard your growth. The wheel of Time is grinding your grist for Eternity.

Fools only worry.

Hang up your beaver and pay me the compliment of chatting a while?

We hear the ruffians and see them. Dying does not refine nor rarify to the utmost. Our sensibilities are keener, but in constant association with the unlike (as near as I can make it understood to mortals).

We stand, we walk, and oftimes rest, as when on earth by a recumbent position. But we do not need rest of this kind.

When our forces grow weak, we draw on other forces, for there is no dynamo within the spirit out of the body.

There are spirits, which can be attracted by mortals, and there are spirits, which cannot be attracted by mortals. The latter is too high to serve on the earth plane, and walk with Him. At least, we are told this, for they are not in our realm. Servants of the Lord then are these.

Spirits unite in bands to perform feats and work wonders for mortal's eyes. But these are not intellectuals. And danger may follow after them.

In my Father's house there are many mansions, yet have I seen but two.

It is useless to rebel. There is a fate, for each according to their works, and a Power behind all.

Towards evening, the eyes are heavy. So the spirit nearing the shore enjoys the buoyant rest.

The first sight of the spirit newly arrived is of the old body, over which it lingers. Then, spirits like himself, which are near. Then he is accompanied where there are only these, after which he is alone, for all he knows, for a long, long serious, repentant time, in which he realises his mistakes and shortcoming—even failure. Then he is free but unable to recall, for the most part, his trivial earth scenes, appalling as it is, his name even escapes him except he has cause to remember it, many tell me so at least, this has been true of them. For myself, I can truly state that I never forgot for a moment how little I had accomplished with all my time given to play, which was work indeed, but not to be counted as fit to bless me. 

When a man is a man, he is proud, conceited, affected and vain. When this man comes to the spirit, he loses his body, or rather leaves it behind him, for we lose nothing here, and fetches to be his for all time all the rest that he was. Survival after death, ay.

To a spirit, a man is a fortunate being making a fool of himself, but fooling no one else.

We peep into the cranium to find the real soul.

Fools let themselves out, poor souls!

A path o'er strewn with roses may lead to a thorny hill.

Watching and waiting brought many a woman twins.

Look out and look in or you will be in where you cannot look out.

A chain of gold is a poor bond, which binds many fast to the earth who should pass on.

all spirits know. But having it, few prize the same.

To wreck a life beside your own makes your record a wrecker.

Soldiers and sailors have their mates and leave the whores behind them, yet none of these will lose eternal life if they confess and repent in the body the sins of the body.

The stars shine nightly from His sky,

The moon is lustrous, pale—

Yet what am I in God's own sky?

A failure if I fail.

Across the hereafter many a man will find his signature attached to bonds which bind him down, nor purchase Liberty.

The pastime of spirits is wondering when mortals will care where they are bound.

Fulsome and rich is the blessing for those who partake of the feast Invisible.

Wrong is made right only through the intercession of the injured.

To return all spirits must who leave a debt unpaid.

Eternal Justice is not blind, neither blindfolded.

The scales of the soul are adding or subtracting every hour.

No door is wider than your heart.

God kissed her in her cradle and never left her after.

Life is the cradle, which holds the spirit babe.

Hope is the distaff on which man's faith is held.

Saving and spending—the history of a soul.

Writing names of earth's departed now keeps the angel recorder occupied.

Spoil is man's idea of the hereafter. Otherwise, he would think.

Look up to the stars and you will have no idle misspent hours.

Wandering brings many a spirit home.

To be sprinkled with deceit is every heart's disfigurement.

We have no better world than the earth, nor any greater happiness than earth mortals share with the Great Giver of all.

Fight the evils of life handicapped and alone, but best them a victor.

Mere herrings are some souls. The more one tries to enlarge them, the smaller they shrink.

Though heaven itself be spangled o'er, there is but one fair evening star!

Honours and trappings are vainglorious. Futile all earth's grandeur and decorations where honour means service in God's cause.

Wash yourselves clean of crime and lusts of the flesh before departing, else you must bear the defilement of the body though you have none.

Make a new beginning. It is not too late if you are a breathing thinking mortal.

Chastisement sickens if often abused.

Flutes and frills never made royalty, neither crests nor handles. The mark of a gentleman is branded where eyes need not search.

To fail is to be a failure. To succeed is to be saved.

Strange, but true is said oft. Well, the strangest things are true in the spirit.

The stars do not change their course when a skyrocket bursts forth.

The heavens look on our failures.

Surely, the wisest reflect Wisdom.

Reach out your hand empty and carry all you can hold.

See what the birds have done for man. And see what man does to them.

Stone a beggar and he will turn to stone.

Lights are many, but His, undimmed, are undying.

Prepare for the harvest when the seed is sown. Nature is speedier in her work than man.

Take no thought of tomorrow, but eternity will.

Saviours are of various kinds, but One was Saviour of All.

The curtailment of one's powers is the stultifying of one's growth.

A picture is not painted with one stroke.

A master speaks to the multitude and they follow.

Even a flower unfolds according to a plan under and high above the earth. It leans on the Infinite more than mortals and I cannot say if it is conscious of this or its God.

Leaders are few. The crosses are too many and the exactions are great. If inspired they WILL lead, even through the sea. The sea will part for them. [The way will be opened].

The silence serves. It takes and gives.

One who has been a beacon to so many will receive the light she deserves.

There is a chance in life that death will set you free. But there is no chance after death that LIFE will see me more than a prisoner.

You cannot lead and follow at the same time.

Chickabiddy, harvest the crop and THEN thresh it!

Well, fledgling, how are you? Oh, you have a few plumes scattering, but you are a gosling still.

The arrow never shoots backwards.

Worry no more; when things have to be
they are.

Sin is age-old and its face is always the same.

If you destroy the fabric, of what shall the production be made?

To slip out of one's hide into the ether is to understand something of the Almighty at one blow.

Sorrows are many of earth, but the sorrows to which hidebound heretics must come are much worse.

Regents claim kingdoms. Well, there are no kings in the spirit. The king here serves. And many land with packs too heavy to lift.

Even candy wears stripes?

There is a brief time when we realise we are in the body and going out too—this lasts a second, maybe ten seconds. Rare souls sometimes see a departing spirit. The core is the soul.

Esoteric evolvement would compute eternity.

They (Theosophists) are following a gleam of such infinite magnitude only the Infinite can grasp it or hold it after he caught it.

To return, or rebirth in other forms is not possible since the Creator evolved His own creations and made all subject to man and under his dominion.

His plan is all-wise, and how perfect the life following reveals.

His secrets are His secrets still. To enrich the mind after the change, we spirits wait upon Him.

That there is a world within a world is true. But if souls are within souls, I do not know.

Higher powers come through to serve earth mortals.

Harm is poison no matter how small the dose. Eyes cannot see what harm these work.

Make no attempt to hide iniquity. All is revealed where nothing is hidden or can be hidden.

Miracles and wonders are common compared to a just man made perfect.

Reach in, as well as out, and save your soul from sinking.

The light is God's perfection—yet who wonders at His power.

The mind conceives and man perceives, yet is he deceived through his eyes.

Barriers you may leap or vault at will, but thin partitions erected by the Great God still hide His harvest of spirits. At His will shall this be swept aside? 

The soul's filmy substance like the bride's veil will stand the shock of eternal suffering; of such substance is it.

Past belief are His plans for mortals who disobey the Laws.

Fallen heroes never erected anything half so worth saving as their own souls. The murderer's lot is hard in the hereafter.

When we reach eternity, there is no court of please—we stand convicted by our sins, which stare us out of countenance, and with these on our backs, we travel if we can carry the load.

The bridge of sighs is crossed ten thousand times by those who will never sight it.

Folly and fun are sisters, twins maybe; still, happiness is the gift of one, and something more often akin to misery is left in the wake of the other.

Angels having wings are as rare in the spirit world as on the plane where many an angel hovers without feathered airships.

We move by volition in spirit form. Will carries us no matter how far we may decide to journey. We usually travel in pairs, but some are hermits still. 

Higher powers come through to serve earth mortals. 

There is a change after death in all dogma—each learns
must learnthis for himself.

His plan is His, as I see it. Be content in well-doing. Their teaching [theosophical] responds to the upshooting grain of Almighty truth within, desiring to know more of His plan. They work great good inasmuch as the soul can be nothing, but what life has made it, and turning the light inside the imperfect is found as well as that which is All perfect.

The heaviest clouds sometimes pass by.

Many a vassal is greater than his master.

Mediumship is not a burst of power, but a gradual opening of closed doors. So be patient.

The hand of Almighty God is the pendulum of Universal Time.

The milk of human kindness is mostly curdled.

Images by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay