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08 December 2021

Choosing Truth

Choosing Truth

Awake to the knowledge that God is, God is.

Begin with the children and teach them honesty before you teach them geography—honesty with the parents, honesty with each other and honesty with themselves.

Be led from the unreal to the real

Be led from darkness to light,

Be led from death to immortality.


Be vigilant, accept everything as a child does, but examine and test everything as a man does, without prejudice and without partiality.

Each day rise to the plane of the spirit, above the physical world, beyond the desires of the astral world, beyond the lower stratum of mind, up and up to the Source of all life and all wisdom.

The gates will swing wide to him who gives the right knock.

Get acquainted with your own soul. Know why you do this or that, why you feel this or that. Sit quietly when in doubt about any matter and let the truth rise from the deeps of yourself.

The object of life is to evoke and develop the God within.

A good servant maketh a good master and he that is greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.

Here is the solution to all social problems—

Love to God and man.

Not yet do you grasp the full mastery of will. It can make of you anything you choose, within the limit of your unit energy, for everything is either active or potential in the unit of force which is man.

When the light becomes strong, the darkness vanishes.

There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.

—Leo Tolstoy

Cling to the idea of immortal life.

We are all immortal, without end or beginning.

We draw to ourselves the experiences which we are ready for, and which we demand, and most souls do not demand enough here, any more than they did in life. Tell them to demand more and the demand will be answered.

Speak always words of love, truth and kindness.

Image CreditsÉmile Vernon (1872–1920) from Wikimedia Commons (accessed 6 December 2021 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:%C3%89mile_Vernon)

07 December 2021

Wise words to live by.

Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.


Lightning within the cloud illuminates the entire cloud blanket over the Mojave Desert during an electrical rainstorm | Jessie Eastland | Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

06 December 2021

Beyond Survival

Beyond Survival

After the death of the physical body, we gravitate to our rightful place—a mansion, a cottage, even a hovel, as we have earned. It is essential, therefore, to regard life experience, whilst in incarnation on the earth plane, as a preparation for this experience.

Live Life in Eternity Now.

Do you not understand that what you believe you are going to be out here is largely determinative of what you will be?

You yourself select the kind of scenery that will await you when you arrive here.

There is nothing to fear; there is everything to hope.

But he is not dead. He has only returned whence he came.

Father, you must not imagine that we are ghosts. It is the other way round—it is you whom we look upon as spooks and shadowy spirits because you are transparent to our mental vision, while it is we who are the real thing, for we all appear to one another as perfectly solid and obvious.

I am here, make no mistake.

Have you considered that earth life may be the dream and the life after death the waking? Sages have considered it before you and accepted the possibility.

My friend, there is nothing to fear in death. It is no harder than a trip to a foreign country—the first trip—to one who has grown oldish and settled in the habits of his own more or less narrow corner of the world.

Having told you last week that you must die, according to the jargon of the earth, I now want to assure you that you can never really die at all—that you are as immortal as the angels, as immortal as God Himself.

Life separated by densitythat is all.

If we could only remember in life that the form which we call ourselves is not our real immortal soul at all, we would not give it such exaggerated importance, though we would nevertheless take needful care of it.

I have said that the two worlds touch and they touch through the inner. You go in to come out.

It is time that men cease to think of death in such a gloomy mood. In fact, there is no death at all. There is simply a shifting of the scenes, an awakening in a new world.

What is here is there. I know it is so because I can see you all here and I can see you others there at the same time.

The envelope opens, the letter is released and it is over.

Surely I found my life by losing it and the words of the Master were justified.

Life can be so free here! There is none of that machinery of living, which makes people on earth such slaves. In our world, a man is held only by his thoughts. If they are free, he is free.

The surest way to escape that painful period of transition is to go into the hereafter with full faith in immortality, full faith in the power of the soul to create its own conditions.

The only really sad thing about death is that the average man learns so little from it. Only my realisation of the fact that the chain of earth lives is relatively endless could keep me from regretting that most persons make so little progress in each life. But I comfort myself with the assurance that there is no hurry, that the pearls in the chain of existence, though small, are all in their inevitable places, and that the chain is a circle, the symbol of eternity.

There is no death; there is only a change in form. We are and have always been immortal and eternal beings.

Rest in the invisible world is more refreshing than a summer in the mountains. Do not fear death. I passed through death and I am more rested now than a strong man in the morning. I would not go back to my old body. When I want a body again, I shall build a new one. I know the process of building, having built so many before.

What a marvellous Purpose and Plan there is to Life! And how small, almost insignificant, the struggles, fallacies and failures of the last earth life appear now.

Oh, remember that you are immortal and that you who go out of life will come back again, strengthened by the rest in the invisible! For a change of place is a rest of consciousness.

What strange experiences one has out here! I rather dread to go back into the world where it will be so dull for me for a long time. Can I exchange this freedom and vivid life for a long period of somnolence? Afterwards to suck a bottle and learn the multiplication table and Greek and Latin verbs? I suppose I must, but not yet.

Your minds are housed in a body; our minds have left that house. Neither time nor space exists for us. We have no weight and no material substance.

Yet we are WE, we ARE.

The merely intellectual man cannot grasp it because it is to be understood only by spiritual insight.

There is love in this world like the water in the sea.


Image CreditsÉmile Vernon (1872–1920) from Wikimedia Commons (accessed 6 December 2021 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:%C3%89mile_Vernon)