Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Usual Rule in the Realms of the Spirit

It is the usual rule in the Realms of the Spirit to hear and to answer the thoughts of another.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Selfishness is loss

Selfishness is loss; self-sacrifice brings the greatest gain of all.

Even as we pass out

When the material body is laid aside, illumination and the revelation of God's Love will be ours, even as we pass out.

What did I sacrifice?

What did I sacrifice? What did I gain? I gave up the world with its worries, with its entangling thoughts, with its disappointments and disillusionments—and I sought a far shore where I found friends and love and peace and joy. That was my self-sacrifice.

Father Damien or Saint Damien of Molokai (In Spirit)

The shortest way to God

What the world calls 'sacrifice' is gain, and nothing else. It should tell you that the gifts which God bestows far, far outweigh anything that the human mind could hold out. It should show you too that the life of service is the shortest way to God.

Father Damien or Saint Damien of Molokai (In Spirit)

The life of service is the only life worth having

The life of service is the only life worth having.

A stumble now and again

As you know, there are many who falter by the way, but to those who have God in their hearts I sayBe of good cheer, that which is of darkness can touch you no more. Steep though the hill, arduous though the climb, many though the heartaches and the pains of the body, yet around you, once free from the restrictions of the physical mind, you will see the Spirit bands, those who are strong in courage, those who are wise in the wisdom of the Spirit, and theycommissioned by the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Great Fatherthey watch your steps lest you should fall. And so it means just thisA stumble now and again, and then on once more.

Zodiac's Teachings

The Spiritualising of the Soul

The spiritualising of the soul is of enormous importance that we cannot give it too great attention, yet such is the irony of physical life that it is, generally speaking, the one thing which is ruled out of considerationthat which is of primary importance comes second, third, and sometimes is relegated so far in the distance that it ceases to obtrude itself upon the mind at all.

The smaller Light

The greater Light, shining on the smaller light, enables that smaller light to cast out rays of beauty, and theseaccording to the Light which shines upon itare able to reflect that which is Divine.

Zodiac's Teachings

God is a Spirit

God is a Spirit. As God is a Spirit and we are His children, then it followswithout any reserve whateverthat we too are Spirit because we are of Him.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

In the heart of each one

In the heart of each one there is the longing to rise, and if circumstances or environment for a time suffocates that longing, yet take it for an unalterable fact that the day will come when that longing will be stronger than anything else.

Zodiac's Messages

Fix your eyes on the Light

Christ goes in frontwe merely follow after. It is not so difficult as it soundsChrist, and that long, long army, clothed in the beauty of the Spiritthey show us the way, and once our eyes are fixed on the Light, shadow and gloom are lost in the radiance, and each oneas they progressis able to act as Light to those who are behind.

Zodiac’s Teachings

I too once was outcast

Love is not love, in the sense that we understand it, if it is bestowed only on those who love us. The wider, bigger, true conception of that wonderful gift is in sending out love to those who seem outside its range altogether. And it can be done by prayer. By prayer and dedication, you can tear out those last roots of self; you can offer your mind, your will, and your energies, to the Father, saying from your very heartUse me in Thy service, for I too once was outcast from Thee.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Sunday, 21 January 2018

God’s Love Towards Humanity

There is before you all a problem which must be faced in God's good time; it is that of choosing the sympathetic companionship of those you love and making it exclusiveor in being willing to sacrifice a proportion of that companionship and to throw open your hearts and minds to the majority. I know you shrink from the larger view. There is much that will be uncongenial, so you think. There will be obstacles of many kinds and a sense of loneliness as well. But, dear friendsI speak to all who read these records, dear friends as well as my children here tonighteither on this plane or in the planes of the Spirit you have got to learn true brotherhood or true sisterhood; you have got to make yourselves one in sympathy with the least and the frailest of God's creatures.

Zodiac’s Teachings

We cannot climb alone

Those who have sought to climb to God cannot climb alonethey have got to send back strength and courage to those who are lower down.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Silence of the Spirit

Seek not in the books of your world for understanding of the Mind of God; seek it rather in the Silence of the Spirit, in that sacred and devotional time when you try to get into touch with the Father and those who have been gathered unto Him. Seek then for the inner wisdom which shall tell you that you are all one great family—and the tie cannot be ignored.

Zodiac’s Teachings

Albert Einstein—The World as I see it

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

To Give and Not to Take

It should tell us much, it should alter our whole conception of things, it should bring home what we have to do, what I have to do, and what all the countless millions have to do in the end—To Give and Not to Take.

God sets the example of service

God sets the example of service, just as God in Christ upon earth bathed the feet of the disciples.

The hardest road that courage allows

If the world at large could only get a glimmering, sadness—as sadness—would not exist. They would see in each trouble, each pang, not only God's love but the love within, which—striving to reach Him in sympathy—chooses the hardest road that courage allows.