Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Truly those who pass to the spiritual side of life

How beautiful it is to be an inhabitant of such a wonderful land! This fact became more deeply impressed on my mind as I grew and unfolded in my new life. I found a great deal to interest me and it seemed that there was always something new to charm my sight and hearing.

ALMA antennas under the Milky Way ESO / José Francisco Salgado (

It was so grand to think that one was not limited in his desires in this heavenly world. After a time, the new life became so natural to me that it seemed as though I had always known it;  it was no longer a dream but a grand and beautiful reality.

Cape Forestier and Mount Parsons from Sleepy Bay, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia by J. J. Harrison ( (CC-by-SA-3.0)

Such a life as the one that I had found was certainly greatly to be desired. To think that one might go on through all eternity, receiving instruction, developing and unfolding in an atmosphere of the most elevated thought was a privilege greatly valued by those who were inmates of this wonderful world. 

Magnificent CME erupts on the sun NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (CC-by-SA-2.0)

As I grew and developed, I found more satisfaction in life than ever before. The experiences of my life were varied and there was no condition that I found monotonous.

Photomontage by Mmxx (CC-by-SA-3.0)

I found a great deal to interest me – but there were no scenes so beautiful as those I could see in the heavenly world and so I was always happy to return to them. A few hours spent with my studies, then more time in the pleasant companionship of dear friends, then a lecture or concert or the privilege of witnessing some scientific experiment soon to be given to the world through the brain of some receptive individual and, after this, a pleasant walk over the beautiful grounds of my home with my beloved brother, my angelic guide or with my own soul. In the latter care, I would spend a pleasant hour in reflection and companionship with my own soul. 

Pu'u 'O'o, a Volcanic cone on Kilauea, Hawaii by G.E. Ulrich

What a wonderful life it was; no time wasted but all spent in helping the soul to grow and unfold its mighty powers. Sometimes it would be a visit to the lower spheres to help and instruct some undeveloped spirit who desired to rise, then again there would be a call to the earth plane to a scene of accident where many lives were to go out, some lives needing assistance to help them to the spirit world. And so my life glided along, peacefully and pleasantly, through three years of spiritual life. I have gained much – my soul has grasped many lessons of truth and wisdom but it is only in the beginning of spiritual knowledge.