Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Real I

Our teaching is that the Soul is the immortal, reincarnating Ego, while the Spirit is the universal Breath of Divinity which animates the Soul or Ego just as the Breath of Life animates the physical body. The mind is a dual expression of the Soul, consisting of a Higher (spiritual) and a lower (brain) mind, the lower being but a reflection in physical matter of the Real Mind, which is Spiritual Self-consciousness. Thus, the real I is an immortal Soul having finite Spiritual Self-consciousness, overshadowed and animated by or filled with Infinite Spirit. This Real Self is spoken of as the Higher Self or the Father-in-heaven of the different religions, and manifests on earth through a vehicle composed of a physical body and its astral counterpart, and a reflection of the Spiritual Mind acting as Desire, all animated by prana or life force.

A good way to distinguish the Real Self is to eliminate everything that can be considered as a possession, i. e., my body, my mind, my life, etc. You cannot say my Spirit any more than a sponge resting on the bed of the ocean can say my water, for it is said that could the sponge last long enough every drop of water in the ocean would pass through it, as well as through every other sponge. To say my Spirit is to limit Spirit which is Infinite. The Spirit moved upon the face of the waters in the beginning and must ever move in and through and over all creations. It is the Breath of Life of the Real Self.

The Teacher