Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cultivate a desire for spirituality

Tell me, brother, how best to cultivate and make strong the Spiritual Will.

An Aspirant

You can strengthen your Spiritual Will by not trying. Just endeavour to interest yourself in spiritual matters, think pure thoughts and do kind deeds. Read books of an uplifting character. Study them not only with your head (intellect), but strive to enter into their deeper meaning with your heart (intuition). Know well that no matter how lofty a philosophy or how good a lesson, unless it brings to your individual Soul some practical application, something that you can work into your daily life, that philosophy or lesson is of no account to you. You cannot force yourself to will what you do not desire, but you can cultivate a desire for spirituality. And desire, being a lower note of the same octave, will of necessity awaken Will.

The Teacher