Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Acme of Perfection

Friends who enter the first Plane are almost overcome with the beauty surrounding them. We use the utmost care and tenderness with them all. Youth and old age alike are soon beaming with the joy of welcome which is extended to them. The Spirits hover over them, showing in every way how glad they will be to act as friend and guide, speeding the new comer on to spiritual greatness as fast as possible. The little children go into raptures of joy. Hope beams radiant around them. Their earthly mothers would feel the pangs of parting far less could they realise the heavenly welcome accorded their little ones. Nothing is left undone to perfect their happiness. God's sheltering mercy forever covers them with its glory. Their tender Spirits reflect great purpose for good work among us all. A child's pure spirit is the acme of perfection.

Clifford (Spirit)