Tuesday, 8 April 2014

One long flight to higher things

There is never a downward flight when once we start upward. I mean by that, the Spirit never ceases in higher thought. Our return to hover and help friends on earth is possible at all times when we are needed and welcomed. It takes but an atom of time for us to be with you on the call for help. In the darkest hour of mental trouble, we appear to guide you — a sure guide at all times, if you will trust us and believe. The joy we feel when you allow us to guide is unspeakable, as the more we help the more we may. It makes us so happy to help you in all things which have a clean motive. We cannot come in shadow of imperfect thought, remember that. We cannot shine through darkness of that kind. We are not strong enough for that. Thoughts must be clean to receive us. We are then free to penetrate the deepest misery to lend assistance to anyone who calls upon us.

Clifford (Spirit)