Saturday, 8 April 2017

How shall I find the proper person to marry?

How shall I find the proper person to marry?

If you listen to the inner guidance and pray earnestly to know whether any certain person to whom you are greatly attracted is the right one, the guidance will be given you in one way or another. It is only those who do not ask for or who refuse to follow their Divine Guidance who make mistakes in marriages.

In all our years of experience with problems of this kind, we have yet to find a mismated couple who did not acknowledge that sometime during the courtship they had had a strong inner warning against the marriage. Often such a warning is not heeded lest the breaking of the engagement cause a social jar and temporary mental anguish. Yet such temporary suffering as may occur is as nothing as compared to the years of suffering to which they condemn themselves in a loveless or mistaken marriage.

If you have no one in mind then wait patiently for that which the Great Law has in store for you. Far better wait than create the Karma of a mistaken marriage.

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