Saturday, 8 April 2017

An Inexhaustible Stream

Try to conquer fear, and you will when you once let this great thought that the Lord Christ will open the door of your body, mind and heart. And as this door is opened all the love and wisdom and helpfulness will pour in and fill you. Once you make your subconscious mind know this, it will never stop building it in, drawing on it like an inexhaustible stream and making you that which you desire to become. Therefore, don't grow discouraged. Keep at it constantly. Whenever you feel discouraged, afraid or in any way too tired to think, stop thinking and instead of thinking just repeat these few words. Keep on with them and you will soon find it stops thoughts and fills you with a rest and understanding that your Christ is with you and that you are growing closer to Him.

O Lord Christ, open the door of my body to perfect health. O Lord Christ, open the door of my mind to perfect understanding. O Lord Christ, open the door of my heart to perfect spiritual realisation.

The Teacher