Saturday, 18 March 2017

Do your part

You must realise that your heavenly Father wants you to have whatever is best and necessary for your spiritual growth and that the moment you learn the lesson, i. e., how to take care of it, and that you believe and trust that enough will be given you to get along with, then you will begin to find things coming to you. Don't say, I do not want money. Don't say, I will accept poverty if it is my Father's will. It is not your Father's will. If you have poverty now it is because some time in the past it has been your own will. 

In reality, we will never straighten out the world's ideas of money until we awaken to the fact that money is a necessary instrument for good at the present time and that our heavenly Father wants us to be provided for. Then have trust. Don't expect it to shower upon you all at once, but do expect and pray for and determine that every want which is a real want will be supplied, provided you awaken to your responsibility and do your part.

The Teacher