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Astral Facts—The Realm of Reflection

The Realm of Reflection—Its Scenery
The first Realm above the Physical World, in rate of vibration, we term the Realm of Reflection. Here we find reflected every object which exists in the Physical World, or to be more accurate, the physical objectman, animal, vegetable as well as all so-called inanimate thingsis the reflection or materialisation of its astral duplicate. Here we find the astral pattern of all living things. But everything is seen reversed as in a mirror. For instance, a number such as 123 would be seen as 321, etc. Day and night are also the reverse of the corresponding periods on earth. So-called night exists only in the Realm of Reflection, the Ethereal Realm and the Desire Realm. And even in these, it is far from being the same as an earthly night, although the moon and stars are visible. 

While the scenery of this Realm is the counterpart of the scenery of earth, it is much more, for here there is a luminosity and translucence, which makes familiar objects far more brilliant and beautiful and reveals their true nature far more than does their physical counterpart on earth. While plants, trees, animals and people are all seen here, they can also be seen through, just as on earth we can see into and through a glass of water. In the Astral World, we can also see all sides at once (not in perspective) and with the glow and colours imparted to everything by the currents of life-force which sweep through them. For the Astral World is a world of four dimensions instead of three.

Wild animals, snakes, etc., are also encountered in the astral, but only in the localities corresponding to where they would naturally be found on earth. Every animal does not have a conscious life in the Astral World, as it takes many animals of one kind to express the Group Soul of a species. Hence, it is only the more advanced animals that are sufficiently individualised to have an astral life. This is most common among those which have had some kind of contact with man and have absorbed more or less of his emanations of individuality. Hence, it is common for all domesticated animals to be found in the astral, and even wild animals which have been hunted by man. Another explanation is that the leaders of packs, herds and flocks are the most advanced, hence are usually individualised enough to have a life in the Astral World.

Here also the vegetation follows the seasonal changes of the various countries, but they occur somewhat in advance of their manifestation on earth, for that which is to manifest on earth descends from the higher Worlds into the Astral World and later is embodied on earth. We must not think, however, that it is the physical forms of objects that are thus seen, for this is not the case. As a rule, physical objects are not seen from the Astral World, except during the period of dense earth attraction just after leaving the Physical World and while the consciousness is responding to the keynote of the physical more than to the astral.

Since love is the greatest attractive power, one in the astral may choose to remain in close physical contact with a loved one on earth for many years. For instance, a mother may remain so close to her children on earth that she would be able to see into their physical conditions throughout their entire lives, although she would gradually tend to see into the conditions in their hearts and minds rather than their physical conditions. There are, however, certain exceptions. By special training, one in the astral may be taught to see into the Physical World, for the astral body when purified emanates a form of radiance, which under proper conditions can be projected into dense physical matter and thus make the physical visible. Also, the presence of a certain type of physical medium enables the one in the astral to see physical objects and persons. Otherwise, the objects of the Physical World are just as non-existent to the dweller in the astral as are the things of the astral to the average dweller in the physical. Those in the astral see the astral bodies of physical objects, animals and people, which are more or less luminous, or more or less foggy or dense, according to their degree of development. But since the consciousness of those dwelling on earth is not functioning in their astral bodies but in the physical, they appear asleep, insensible or unresponsive to those on the astral, except when the consciousness of the earth dweller is responding more or less imperfectly to the Astral World during dreams, visions, trances, etc.

The Realm of Reflection being the most objective of the Astral World may be called the physical aspect of the astral. The astral bodies of the great majority of the lesser evolved humanity who have left the Physical World therefore naturally gravitate to this Realm. Many such so-called spirits report through mediums that there is no heaven world or perhaps, since their sensations are far more acute, that they are worse off than when on earth, thus showing that they are living what is little more than an extension of their life on earth be that life pleasant or unpleasant. For the interests of those dwelling in this Realm of Reflection are largely what they were on earth and they have similar gatherings and organisations, clubs, churches, theatres, recreations, etc, which attract those whose desires affinitise them to such gatherings, each one going just where he or she belongs by affinity.

Here also teachers and helpers from the higher Realms descend to help and instruct those who are seeking to understand their changed conditions and surroundings. Many, however, are so absorbed in the earth attractions and in trying to communicate with their friends on earth that they will not listen or pay any attention to such teachers, although they are accessible to all.

There is an organisation in the higher Realm similar to the Red Cross Society which has workers whose duty it is to descend into this lower Realm to aid, care for, comfort and instruct those who are passing out, especially those who know something about the change and are willing to listen and receive instruction. This organisation is specially equipped to watch over, help and instruct those who are passing out in great numbers in times of disaster, pestilence and war; indeed many soldiers as soon as they are fully awakened to the astral conditions are enlisted in this astral Ambulance Corps and most eagerly give their services, under the able instruction of appointed teachers, until they can be taught no longer to identify themselves with earth conditions. Those who will not profit by instruction must be left, just as such must be left on earth, to learn through experience, perhaps by suffering, if they will not learn without it.

Those who know of these helpers can, therefore, be met and be taken care of. They can also arrange for their loved ones to be met by a reception committee which will include the dear ones who have gone before provided they are still interested in those left behind and naturally wish to welcome them. All that is necessary for anyone in any part of the world is to send out a mental wireless call for the invisible helpers and the loved ones will be gathered to greet the newcomer. These facts are the basis for the belief in the efficacy of prayers for the deadpurgatory being simply the lower Realm of the Astral Worldalso for the belief in the value of baptism for the dead as advocated by St Paul. Not only do such prayers surround the loved one with comforting, helpful and protective thought forces, but they also serve to call the attention of the invisible helpers to their needs.

It should be clearly understood that no one is confined to this Realm of Reflection except by the density of his astral body and the earthliness of his thoughts and desires, just as no one is confined to materialistic thoughts while on earth unless he so desires, for in this Realm a cry or even a strong desire for Light and help will bring it.

While the astral body is still dense and heavy with the water vapour, gases and. magnetism of earth, the recently deceased person is apt to think he can be transported only by walking, running or riding in conveyances. He, therefore. walks or rides either in the astral counterpart of such vehicles or in their thought-forms created either by himself or collectively by all who think they need such vehicles. Later on, they learn that so little energy is required that the astral body can be transported by the will, a strong thought of or desire to be in a certain place transporting it there almost immediately. Although there is usually a sense of a definite journey through the air. During such incredibly swift passages, the emanations of their auras stream out behind them and are often mistaken for wings by untrained psychics. We dream of flying through the air because we remember such journeys made in the astral during sleep or because we remember such experiences during our excarnate existence previous to our present incarnation.

The recently deceased thinks he can be nourished only by the same kinds of food which were necessary for his physical body. In fact, the glamour of this Realm makes him think that he must carry on life just as he did while on earth and subject to the same laws, and it may be a long time before he learns better. Hence, many of the more ignorant and less advanced, as well as the high livers and the gluttonous are found thronging the kitchens of hotels and restaurants and sucking in the vapours and emanations from the food that is being cooked, as do many others in the kitchens of their former homes. The more intelligent are able to draw to themselves duplicates of their favourite dishes, the creative power of their thought forming them not as mere illusions, but from the astral emanations of the physical substances, for while the astral body still contains so much dense earth magnetism and matter, the need is still felt for some formeven if it be only the less material of physical food.

 In the astral, as in the physical, you seek the association of those with whom you affinitise. 

The law of specific gravity obtains here as well as in the Physical World; just as a physical object or body will sink or float according to its density, so the astral body will sink into the denser strata or will float up into the particular stratum and Realm to which it is affinitised. We are told As a man thinketh in his heart so is he and in the Astral World this fact becomes very apparent. Here we literally find ourselves in the environment our thoughts had created while on earth with the same kindred Souls and living out the true inmost thoughts and desires of our heart which perhaps on earth we had tried to hide, for here there is no cloak to hide our true inner desires. As we think, so are we. Therefore, to some, it is hell, to some but an extension of earth life, while just as surely to others it seems to be Heaven. 

The more degraded haunt bars and brothels in an effort still to experience the desired sensations, but as the denser atoms fall away and the earth attraction loses its power, the person finds that in some mysterious way he is transported through the air wherever in thought he desires or wills to be and is nourished by currents of force brought to him by the mere thought of food, and still later he forgets all about the necessity for food.

While the astral body may remain for a long time in this Realm, the consciousness can soar into the higher Realms at any time, provided the desire to reach up is present, just as with those still on earth the consciousness can leave business and household cares and soar into the realms of literature, art, science or spiritual thought. In other words, desire is the governing factor in the Astral World even more fully than on earth. But in this more ethereal World, the desire promptly brings the condition desired, while on earth its attainment is hampered and delayed by the limitations of the more dense and rigid matter, which must be overcome before it can manifest.

The substance of the Astral World is so ethereal that it is moulded by thought, hence any entity who understands the mechanism can assume any appearance it desires, even that of an angel of light, as St Paul tells us.

Here also are found the astral graveyards where the discarded astral bodies are gathered.

Excerpted and edited from Realms of the Living Dead—A Brief Description of Life After Death, Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, the Curtiss Philosophic Book Company, Washington D. C., 1926