Sunday, 19 February 2017


See the Radiance which this Prayer invokes, dispelling the clouds of inharmony as the Sun dispels the fog, and stimulating the growth of the good in each heart as the Sun stimulates the growth of the sprout when the fog has been dispelled and the Sun can carry on its constructive work.


Glory and honour and worship be unto Thee, 0 Lord Christ, 

Thou who art the Life and Light of all mankind!

Thou art the King of Glory 

to whom all the peoples of the Earth should give joyful allegiance and service.

Inspire mankind with a realisation of true Brotherhood.

Teach us the wisdom of peace, harmony and co-operation.

Breathe into our hearts the understanding that only as we see ourselves—  

as parts of the one body  of humanity— 

can peace, harmony, success and plenty descend upon us.

Help us to conquer all manifestations 

of inharmony and evil in ourselves and in the world.

Bless us all with the Radiance of Thy Divine Love and Wisdom 

that we may ever worship Thee in the beauty of holiness.

In the Name of the Living Christ we ask it. 


Letters from the Teacher, Volume II, Universal Religious Fellowship Inc., Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, Curtiss Book Company, California, 1924