Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Enter into the Silence

The time to enter into the Silence is any convenient time when you can have at least ten minutes alone. If possible, have the same time, the same room, and the same chair, for thought impresses itself upon so-called animate things and in this way no effort is lost. Sit down comfortably, close your eyes and, after repeating the Healing Prayer* and adding any personal petition that your Soul dictates, quietly determine that the mind shall remain blank. Then believe that your Real Self can and will draw near and will guide you if you can succeed in stilling the physical vibrations. This may take time and practice, and you may fall asleep, but do not let anything discourage or worry you. If your mind wanders or becomes active, bring it back and mentally repeat Silence! Silence! You will soon find that you will come from this period of silence refreshed in body and mind and that you have strong impressions and a comprehension of truths that previously were vague.

The Healing Prayer

O Thou loving and helpful Master Jesus! 
Thou who gavest to Thy disciples power to heal the sick!
We, recognising Thee, and realising Thy divine presence within us, 
Ask Thee to lay Thy hands upon us in healing love.
Cleanse us from all our sins, 
And by the divine power of Omnipotent Life, 
Drive out the atoms of inharmony and disease, 
And fill our bodies full to overflowing with Life, and Love, and Purity.

The Teacher