Sunday, 4 December 2016

Torments After Death

Let mankind no more tremble, while on earth,
At threats of everlasting torments after death.


The following celestial revelation shows the exact state of progression through which spirits pass, through all the classes, legions, and orders—

Behold! let the present generation of man study well the things which are herein revealed, and tremble for their future state, for rest assured, that in whatever course their present life is spent, the period and condition of their sufferings hereafter will justly be in accordance therewith and on attaining to the second sphere of immortality, their period of happiness will vary in accordance with their past lives and on reaching the third sphere, or angelic orders of their several heavens, they will then be classified according to their material lives, remaining for a time mysteriously unoccupied, divested of their worldly names and appearances; so that, whatever class of sin they may have committed, they will be classed in legions or orders, according to the magnitude of the sins under their several heads; so that all shall continue the state of progression through this sphere, in accordance with the period of their continuation in the spheres below, until all have passed through the various classes, legions, and orders and, lastly, on reaching the first aerial order and first classes thereof, they shall pass from thence into another new sphere of existence and their period of passing from the seventh to the first order shall be regulated as follows—The viler, or worldly, or vulgar the life has been spent, the lower will be the class, legion, and order of the sphere to which each shall attain on passing from the regions of space. Such has been the state of the past generations, such also is the state of the present, and such will be the state of the future, on reaching this state of progress, from whence they are appointed as the worldly conductors of the human race, and the lengthier will be the period of existence of such person which the spirit from the lowest orders may have to conduct through life, such life being limited according to Divine will. When such person departs from mortal life, the spirit who conducts him will then reach a more refined class of spirits who inhabit a sphere of more refined nature, under the denomination or classification of such sin. Each person, under the control of one spirit, differs in the period of existence and in character until the spirit progresses to the first classes, of the first legions, of the first order, when they are sufficiently purified by this stage of progression to fit them for the celestial spheres. And, ye are commanded to make these revelations known, that mankind may no longer be kept in ignorance of the mighty mission which awaits them, far beyond the grave. And, that they may prepare themselves for the change, from mortal life to immortality, by adhering to the dictates of the spirit who prompts him to the good acts of his life, and who shows the errors and delusions of the evil promptings which are suggested to him. Thus, making their existence happier in mortal life, decreasing their sufferings after death, quickening their progress throughout all the spheres, and so hastening the period in which they will enter everlasting happiness and rest.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807