Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Seven Angelic Aerial Orders

Author, J. G. H. Brown, A Message from the World of Spirits, describes the seven angelic aerial orders of the planets under the rule and power of Michael, First Ruler of the First Aerial Order of the Sun, and Governor of all the aerial spheres—

Dark as the deeds of mortal man appear,
Yet he fulfils the mission of his life;
The spirit who conducts him from this sphere 
Creates him tumult, sorrow, pain, and strife.


After the spirits have passed by progression through all the classes in the atmospheric regions through which they are conducted by the spirits under the rule of Corbynn, they then pass into the regions of space, or the second sphere of immortality, which is in like manner divided into compartments, and is under the rule of Orion and the spirits under him, and though the space is thus divided, yet the spirits appear to mingle indiscriminately together, and so dwell in perfect harmony, none knowing anything beyond the spheres they inhabit. The next sphere of spiritual existence beyond the regions of space is that of the angelic aerial spheres of the several planets, which consists of seven specific orders under the rule of a powerful spirit at the head of the first order. These are the seven angelic aerial orders of spirits, whose occupation consists in prompting the evil actions of the human race according to their various grades and stations.

Having given the assertions of spirits who inhabit the first and second spheres, and such spirits having been well-known in society whilst living, the author was again commanded to insert a revelation from a spirit who inhabits the third sphere, or the angelic aerial orders of the planets, and thus show to the world the state of existence after the spirits have passed by progression into that sphere. When the spirit appeared, he was attired in a loose blue and scarlet garment; his countenance bright and cheerful; his head bare; in one hand he held a kind of branch, and in the other he held a scroll, which was opened without hesitation, and displayed the following striking revelation—

I am Rossimeiel, of the fifth class, of the fourth legion, of the seventh aerial order, under the swift and solar orb of Mercury, or fourth heaven, and who, whilst living upon the earth, was well-known in the age in which I lived, on account of my political career, being then known as Lord William Russell, who departed from mortal life to immortality by suffering the full penalty of the law under the then reigning power, in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, on the 21st day of July, 1683, for a charge of conspiracy. After my death I experienced the same horrors as other spirits have described while passing through the atmospheric regions, in which I remained double the period of my material life; when I then passed to the regions of space, where I enjoyed happiness amongst old associates, some of whom I recognised as having been former enemies, but all angry feelings had subsided. As others have described this sphere, I am only commanded to declare my experience in the sphere I now inhabit. I continued in the regions of space, for a time I am unable to explain, until the period I emerged into this sphere, where I remained for a time unoccupied, without knowing by what means I left my last place of abode. At this juncture, which is now more than fifty-six of the present worldly years ago, my worldly name was discontinued, and I then received the name of Rossimeiel, which I, henceforth, have been commanded to acknowledge, and I was sent to the earth, invisible to all, to watch the emerge into life of an infant, who has since lived in a high sphere, and whose career has been chequered with successes and defeats, but whose life is now of short duration. Disgraceful incidents of frequent occurrence have marked his career, which accord with my own worldly life, and his days will end unenviable by all. When it occurs the full truth of these assertions will be proved by that circumstance. I have full knowledge of what transpires in the world below, and have full knowledge of all the actions of those who exist under the control of the spirits in my own sphere, but have no power to act, only by permission from the ruler of my order. So, in like manner, are the spirits who inhabit all the spheres conducted. Whatever acts are committed by the human race upon the earth the spirits in these spheres are aware of. For though these acts are evil and prompted by the spirits of this sphere, yet they are only permitted to prompt to a certain degree, as a higher spirit from the celestial abodes is always present, and his power exceeds the power of the spirits in my sphere. Nor are we permitted to thwart any act which the good spirit permits to be achieved, whether good or evil, for we receive our instructions from on high, and must conduct the human race accordingly. Nor can the ultimate end of our instructions be thwarted; thus showing to the world that mankind are utterly creatures of circumstances, according to their grades and stations in life. Therefore, worldly law is an abomination to Him who holdeth the destiny of all upon His powerful arms; nor were the laws enforced by His ordination; still men are aware of their existence, and it is to their advantage to keep them until He who sees their wrongs hears their cries, and witnesses the oppression of those who have placed themselves in power over them will raise His powerful arm to avenge His people, and crush that power to the dust. When all generations shall know that He is the Lord, and will henceforth dwell in peace and harmony with each other, without a fear of eternal punishment. But I am commanded to exhort all men to refrain from the follies and vices of life, and thus decrease the terrible punishment they will experience after death; decrease the period of their progress, and so, on emerging into the sphere I now inhabit, they may attain a higher class in the order to whatever planet they may belong. For though I have reached this sphere, and can recognise those who departed before and after me, yet I have left many in the sphere below me who departed years before me, whose worldly deeds were viler and more ambitious than my own.

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807