Sunday, 20 November 2016

What decides who shall dwell together?

What decides who shall dwell together? 

There is the law of attraction where like seeks like. Here we could not be together for a moment if the perfect accord were broken.

Suppose some whom you loved were not able to come into your heaven? 

They would come when their attainments warranted their admittance. The door stands always open and none can be denied, but none desire to come who are not fitted, for none but the pure and worthy could breathe our atmosphere of love and peace.

Suppose one desired to be with you whom you did not desire? 

That could not happen with us, for even with you it does not really occur. If one desires your love and sympathy, he cannot obtain it unless you are in accord with the wish. With us, there are no appearances as with you. We each live to ourselves and to others our real life. Who with you sees your real self? They see what is illusory and changing, not what is substantial and eternal. Each spirit with us sees what it is prepared to see, not our entire selfthat is only given to those in the same state of advancement.