Sunday, 27 November 2016

Was Jesus God or man?

To your final question, Was Jesus God or man? What think ye of Christ? I answer, I do not think—I know.

As the Egyptian in his reverence spoke not the name of Osiris lest his name be lightly breathed on earth, so, dear friend, do I falter as I try to speak of him who in the providence of God was the highest and purest revelation of a spiritual soul.

Above the dim mists of superstition and materialism towers this majestic, colossal figure, mantled in holiness, his face all aglow with conscious, intimate communion with the Father—the ideal sanctified soul. One with the Father, because filled with the Holy Spirit; the son, because living in the spirit, in harmony with the divine will— he hath left us an example that we should follow in his steps. Consider the beautiful spirituality with which he entered the future life, and then, if imagination does not fail you, conceive of a progress of nineteen centuries from that starting-point! Yet is he our elder Brother and our Friend, and enthroned in the loving, grateful hearts of all who have been led by him into a higher life, he lives and works with that great company of holy souls, to lead humanity onward and upward into the perfect light.

It were impossible, with our finite minds and limited powers of comparison outside, or rather inside, the physical, to conceive of the possibilities of progress there. Suffice it for me to say, that having seen such ineffable glory, I know that farther heights are beyond our present comprehension. Merciful it is, that they are veiled from our sight until we grow strong and pure enough to bear them.

Light on the Hidden Way, Ticknor & Company, Boston, 1886