Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Interposition of Overshadowing Powers

Guided and guarded by Invisible Powers, the brave and noble Columbus started on his perilous voyage, in company with a few fearless, intrepid men, across the broad Atlantic, that he might discover other lands, and give to future generations the benefit of his successful search.

And as he now gazes, from his spirit-home, on the land by him discovered, and perceives the many villages, the large towns and cities which have sprung into existence out of the once barren wilderness; when he sees the pathless ocean teeming with hundreds of vessels, laden with the industry of commercial life, where only one or two were once visible, he is led to exclaim, 0, Mighty Spirits of the Just and Good! This is your work! These are the evidences of your Holy Guardianship and Influence!

Twelve Messages from the spirit of John Quincy Adams through Joseph D. Stiles, medium to Josiah Brigham, Bela Marsh Publishers, Boston, 1859

The fact cannot be disputed that angels have watched and controlled the destinies of mankind from time immemorial! In all ages of the world, spirits have controlled, more or less, the actions of mankind, and guided them on to many an important discovery.

No new principle in the Arts and Sciences, or in true Christianity, has ever sprung into active existence, but what might be traced to the interposition of Overshadowing Powers, desiring to aid mankind in the discovery and development of that which is hidden.