Sunday, 27 November 2016

Realise the Responsibility of Life

Realise the responsibility of life—

The first thrill of life [Spiritual Life] may be a terrible agony of remorse—the painful bursting of the hull. Then, for the first time, perhaps, comes to it [Spiritual Being] a consciousness of what it is and what it might have been. A reaction from the belief in a literal hell has given many the very comfortable idea that no matter how selfishly and unworthily they may have lived, at death, their sins will be blotted out—that then they will begin to live better lives and enter into joy and peace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If a child plays with matches and is burned, the loving mother will nurse him tenderly and teach him that his suffering is the consequence of his disobedience. Do all she can to soothe and heal, the lesson must be learned.

Thus, if the children of the all-wise, all-loving Parent disobey his laws, the suffering must follow. You will enter this life just what you make yourself. If you allow your spirit to be cramped, dwarfed, and sin-stained, you will find yourself crippled, weak, and impure; unfit for the companionship of the good, and unable to enjoy the spiritual life until you have atoned by long struggle. If you persistently resist temptation and hurtful shadows, and keep your soul receptive to all purifying, inspiring influences, your fitness to receive them will increase, and you will enter here prepared for higher development and purer joys.

Light on the Hidden Way, Ticknor & Company, Boston, 1886