Sunday, 30 October 2016

Philosophy of Intercommunion

Realise the close relationship of the Immaterial World to the Corporeal—

Disembodied spirits can act upon and make man the unconscious instruments of their inspiration; they have the power and ability to converse with mortals through the medium of the Mind or Soul; or, in other words, by impressing upon it their own ideas and thoughts.

Such are constantly hovering around, encircling us in the halo of their love and affection, and inspiring us with high and holy feelings; realise fully that the vacant chair is no longer empty, and that angels can come and go at their pleasure, and linger near the bedside of the parting soul, ready, when the last silken tie is loosened, to bear it heavenward, on the wings of transition, to the bosom of its God, and His Messengers of Light and Love.