Thursday, 14 August 2014

Never mind mud

Sister, we do want to tell you something new. Your depression is due entirely to the currents of trouble in and about your house. There are several people near you whom you have attracted, a large number of souls from the dark countries, where even we rarely go except under guards who can lift us quickly at any dangerous sign. Neither you nor we have the resistance to cope with a number of these darker souls. Now, it was this truth about the law we wished you to know. You yourself belong to the brighter country in the yellow light, and so at all normal times you are buoyant, cheerful. Whenever you get low in your mind, as you say, it is always the result of a depressant from without, and at such times you should go away somewhere and stay for hours. You would be better at the park, or out of town as many hours a day as possible. That is why the motor is so needful to you three. Keep one always, no matter where you go, as an escape from what cities are frequently so full of: that is, the lower soul element from here. It is not the landlady's troubles so much that depress you. It is the disembodied trouble you cannot see. Being such a good transmitter you feel the bad as well as the good, and need this warning. Why can't we protect you? Because we need our force for constructive work, not just to act as life preservers or shields for you. Were this to be any permanent injury we should of course guard you at all points, but it isn't so serious, so we just decided to warn you and let you care for yourself.

We are at work on your winter's location now. You will be well cared for then, and can go away in April at latest. Tee should get a full three months on the other side, Harry and his brothers say. John won't be in the way, Sister. He is part of our plan.

I see you feel somewhat peevish at being only the instrument of our plans, but you are mighty important to us, as well as to the two you and we wish to serve and develop for higher service. Remember your motto is Love, Serve. You don't wish to lead or shine really, Sister, down in your heart. Your motto is a true one. It is a big and beautiful thing to serve with love. It is the song of the golden country where your home will be, so never despise any service, however low, for any you love. To gain your permanent residence in that country you must serve those whom you despise, with love. That is the deed that opens the gates there. To serve the mean, the selfish, the vicious with a patience and an overwhelming love. What you do is easy, sweet, and full of rewards, as your journey takes you nearer the place you seek. The love must be so big, so fine, and so strong that it can blot out all the others' mean unworthiness, and leave only pity. They know not what they do, but you know that for you, now and always, the motto is Love, Serve. Now go, and you three hunt up a new road. Never mind mud. Get out and away. We all ask it.

 It is all right about Tee's work. He will find the right thing soon, so do not let worry enter in at all. We are with you in force now, and can protect you all three from evil influences, so be at peace. That is the attitude needed for results. No need to write more. You do well to read over our letters often. It augments the connection between us. Be of good cheer; all is going well.

All Three H's