Friday, 15 August 2014

Commands of the Soul

All right. Sister. We are here and have come to tell you about our work on a still higher plane. We shall be vibrating at a vastly greater rate. Helen will be nearer you, but she feels you cannot stand such frequent drains on your nerve force. No, we shall be nearer you than before, in one way, but at the same time less able to let you hear from us directly, so we wish you to take what we have previously given and know that the future will be looked after, and that Tee will be helped always if he is cheerful; and particularly if he is hopeful, that being a state of mind easier to lift higher. This he knows already. Plan for the trip abroad of which we spoke. Use every means presented for advancement along all lines or branches of Tee's work. If he will let himself dream dreams and build castles as you do, they will be more apt to materialise than if he is simply patient and waits for circumstances to open the way. Make plans, look forward joyfully to good times, and you will then be well on your way there. The planning of futures is not an empty pastime; it is the building plans, the blueprint of the work. Nothing just happens. Someone's mind first makes the blueprint, then all can help to construct the thing into visible form. Sister's long suit is dreaming dreams. Tee's hopelessness about his own future cut off that future but for the force of Sister's optimism. If Tee will look back he will trace all sorts of things to Sister's visions. Her plans so often come true because she made them. Had he made them they would have come just as swiftly. It is not the person; it is the law. There must be a plan, a vision, what you will before anything can materialise for either good or bad. The law works both ways. Make plans; think of them; see them coming, and those of us here who love you most will build in all the parts beyond your reach.

Tee has so far taken our suggestions so well we feel this one last step will put him into the independent class. Let him think out just what he wants, then expect to get it, and go after it without doubt in his heart, and it is his.

A mastering ambition or desire carries all before it. Apparent obstructions crumble at its confident approach and melt away. Nothing can withstand the determined march of the spirit toward its own. You can't ever fail because of outside obstacles. The real and only obstacles lie within yourself. Never forget that, either of you. Make definite plans and see how easily material things obey the command of the soul.

Reread all we have said from time to time, and speed gladly on your own way. With love in your hearts, and joy in your eyes, nothing can down you. We shall be near, working and watching and loving.

The Master says he may teach again by a dream if need be, but not for long, he thinks. Don't feel us far. The better you know the law the closer we will be drawn. Time is nothing. We shall soon meet for work, and study, and larger service. Au revoir,

Helen, Harry and Hughey