Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spirit Vision

In The Book of Clifford*, spirit author, Clifford, attests that sorrow is a stinging thorn in our mental space. In his letters, he dictates that 

I still can worry if my loved ones are unhappy, so try hard to smile, won't you, dear friend? It helps us all to advance when we hear laughter and kind words floating upward toward us. Sorrow is a stinging thorn in our mental space. It numbs us, taking away the sparkling joy we otherwise feel at all times. Every one of us are affected the same by tears, so send out the word to all who love us, to sing rather than weep, for then we will know perfect bliss.

It is so beautiful here; the air, or whatever takes the place of it, is in rainbow tints, causing everything to glow and sparkle like dewdrops on a summer morn. Friends come and go among thousands of tiny sparkling drops of heaven scented vapour. To and fro, each and every Spirit singing their song of praise, the whole making the grandest harmony that could ever be. What joy is here all comes from the pure heart and perfect trust and faith in God's great mercy. It is the all highest blessing in all the Universe, Amen!

The Book of Clifford (The Soul of My Son Speaketh to Me) from the original dictation as transcribed without alterations by Lillian Bernicie, Cornhill Publishing Company, Boston, New York, 1922