Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What a wonderful world!

Earthrise – Bill Anders (Apollo 8)

It seemed to me that I had never looked on such beautiful flowers as were growing everywhere. I could see the fruit trees on one side, pink and white with blossoms, and on the other side many varieties of fruit all on one variety of tree. The grapes seemed so odd to me, many of them no smaller than good-sized apples, but possessing neither outside skin nor seed of any kind. People on the material plane might ask how they held together without skin or seed. They would not wonder at such a thing if they could understand the laws and forces by which spiritual elements are governed .

I shall never forget the picture that greeted my eyes as I stood on what seemed to be a boundary line between the material universe and the world of angels and spirits. I could see the mighty universe pass before me not like a panorama, for it did not pass out of my sight for an instant. There I could see the sun in all its heat and magnitude, a great sphere of blazing light, larger than anything I had ever imagined. Then the planets and the millions and millions of stars in more colours and tints than it is possible for the material mind to comprehend. They certainly did look very beautiful.

I thought the moon a very queer looking place with its hollow volcanic mountains and its peculiar wind blowing continually. I thought the picture of the universe, the stars and the constellations, the comets and flashes of light, meteorites and many other sights lost to the material eye the most beautiful and wonderful sight it had ever been my lot to witness.

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