Sunday, 20 November 2016

Are you a soul?

Are you a soul?

Yes; I am a soul but when in my best state it is laid aside as your bodies are at death, only I can resume it again.

Are these occasions when you seek communion with God?

Yes; there are hours with us of inspiration and exaltation, as with you, and then I am out of my body.

Then the soul is substantial?

Yes; and in my heaven, it is needed for the protection of the spirit.

How do you protect your body when you leave it?

The Lord gives us the power to protect all that is necessary to us and our coverings are in safe keepings.

Can we ever succeed in leaving our bodies in the same way?

That is not possible for you, except in your degree; the way is to bring your mind, your desires and your will into accord with the Divine will by prayer and good deeds.

One cannot always succeed in praying?

One cannot always; the desire as you have it is accepted and you have already had moments of great peace and content. There are some of the Father's children to whom this joy never comes; so be willing to work, and wait with faith and patience.

Do forms change in other objective worlds?

In the material of which they are composed. The soul having once become in the form of a man has nothing higher to attain, and can never be degraded to anything lower.

Insight—A Record of Psychic Experiences—A series of questions and answers dealing with the World of Facts, the World of Ideals and the World of Realities Beyond Death, Emma Crow Cushman, Christopher Publishing House, 1918