Sunday, 29 January 2017

Joy is a most potent force in salvation

It is a mistake that is often made, and one that is fostered by the teachings of all the orthodox churches, as well as by many other organisations, that sorrow is the only road to purification; that to be miserable is meritorious and that only through scourging and suffering can we hope for salvation. The truth is that when we realise how much sorrow there is in the world and know of a certainty that thoughts are things and that either joy or sadness has the power to spread over a large area, it becomes our duty to be joyful and happy. In fact, the very reason for seeking Wisdom and drawing near to God is that our finite eyes may be opened to some of the glory and love that would not that any perish, but that all have everlasting life. Indeed, all must and shall be saved, and joy is a most potent factor in this salvation.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15, transcribed by Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, Curtiss Book Company, Los Angeles, California, 1913