Sunday, 23 April 2017

Fairies' Kiss

From a Nymph

A kiss upon your lips dear Brother that shall make you speak kind words.

A kiss on the lips for you dear Sister that shall make you speak pure and beautiful words.

A kiss upon the lips of you dear Priestess that shall make you speak for us. For all the Little People shall show to mortals how we are made up; made out of light, sunshine and joy and happiness. When mortals let in our forces then we draw close. And the more light, joy and sunshine and happiness they let in, the more we come and dance in their hearts and shine from out their eyes, till mortals see us dancing in the light, just as you see motes dancing in a sunbeam.

From a Salamander

A kiss upon the lips for thee, Brother, that thou shall speak fiery words of strength and power.

A kiss upon the lips for thee, Sister, that the strength of Love shall fill thee; that thy lips shall smile always.

A kiss on the lips for thee, dear Priestess that the Flame shall manifest in thy heart and life, consuming all the dross and purifying the love that humanity lays at thy feet.

We have come again

Light of the Flame.

Joy we bring to thee

Out of the Flame.

From a Sylph

A kiss on the lips for you dear Brother, soft as a zephyr's touch, filling thy heart with tenderness, filling thy life with joy.

What a kiss on thy lips dear Sister!

Like the wind from Fairyland,

Blowing away all doubts and fears.

All loneliness throughout the years;

Filling thy life with tenderness,

Wiping away all tears;

Watching near thee ever, ever,

Throughout the long, long years.

A kiss on thy lips, dear Priestess. A kiss that takes not gives. A kiss that is filled with sweetness, a kiss on which we live. Oh, breathe out thy Spirit in loving. Oh bind up thy heart in joy. Think only of the joys of giving; thy years full of love employ.

Life is full of loving

Life is full of joy

Whispers the breeze of loving

Whispering to girl and boy.

Sweet little nestlings are waiting.

The springtime draweth near.

Open thy heart with loving

For the joy of the springtime is here,

For the joy of the springtime is here.

From a Gnome

A kiss of Earth to dear Master

I bring you my wealth and my store.

I have but a pick o'er my shoulder

But I lay all its gifts at thy door.

A kiss on thy lips dear Sister

And out of the earth comes cheer,

Plenty and life-giving forces

To save you from sorrow and fear.

Out of the darkness of winter,

When the snow and the ice are gone,

The storehouse of Nature shall fill you.

You shall gather her wealth in your barn.

A kiss on your lips dear Priestess,

Earth's angels are whispering now.

Out of its bosom comes healing,

Out of its breath comes balm.

Balm for a spirit distracted,

Life for the flesh ill at ease,

Priestess of mercy and goodness

The earth brings a blessing to seize.

Realms of the Living Dead—A Brief Description of Life After Death, Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, the Curtiss Philosophic Book Company, Washington D. C., 1926