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A description of the atmospheric regions or the first sphere after death—

Here all must suffer, for their worldly sins,
And here progressive purity begins.


The aerial spheres are divided into three distinct classes, viz., the first, or atmospheric regions; the second, the regions of space; and the third, the seven aerial orders of the heavens or planets. The angel Michael, first ruler of the first aerial order of the sun, is chief ruler and governor over all the spirits in the aerial spheres, and from whom all the spirits receive their power, through his executives. Under him is the spirit Orion, a very powerful angel, who rules over all the spirits who inhabit the immense regions of space, receiving his power from the angel Michael. Under Orion is the spirit Corbynn, a powerful angel, who rules over all the spirits who inhabit the immense regions of space, receiving his power from Michael, through Orion, and he rules over all the most evil spirits in the atmospheric regions. Orion’s power extends over both the regions of space and the atmospheric regions, and all their power emanates from the great archangel Michiel, governor over all the spirits who inhabit both the celestial and aerial spheres and first ruler of the first celestial order of the sun, through his executive Gabriel. The archangel Michiel, being in direct communication with the Great Supreme Governor of all, has never been seen by any. In a Message from the World of Spirits, author, J. G. H. Brown, gives us the description of the first sphere as it was revealed to him. On the vision appearing, it first showed him the external appearance and form of the inhabitable globe without displaying any of the countries, inhabitants or habitations; the whole appearing an immense body of darkness around which was a space of a peculiar gloomy light that appeared distinctly separated from the substance of the earth or globe and terminated at a considerable distance in another place of darkness, but it being displayed upon a small scale, he could view the whole perfectly. 

This space of gloomy light is inhabited by the spirits who recently depart from mortal life to immortality, and from whence they are permitted to visit the scenes of their mortal existence, and places where they have sojourned whilst living, where they meet with those who departed immediately before them, whom they injured, or from whom they received injury whilst living; where, also, the taunts and reproaches of those who are still living reach them, though unconscious to the living themselves. This sphere or space is divided into twelve compartments, seven of which form the atmospheric regions of the seven primary planets, viz., the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn; these being the chief of the planets which influence the earth. The atmospheric regions of each of the seven planets contain eight distinct classes of spirits under the following designations, viz., Tyrants, Hypocrites, Murderers, Drunkards, Usurers, Infidels, Suicides, and the spirits of moral, virtuous, and good-living persons; the last-named being in the first classes, or farthest from the earth. This sphere is ruled and governed by the spirit Corbynn who has under him inferior angels that rule at the head of each class. These are spirits possessed of great evil power and who have great influence upon the earth, being gifted with the power of transformation and appearing in hideous forms upon the earth, impressing the minds of thousands of individuals with terror, and causing the belief in the existence of a devil, but who are in reality, as the spirits have declared, inferior angels gifted with this power, in certain limits, for the purpose of terrifying the wicked into a fear of death, and an hereafter existence.

These evil spirits, under the direction of Corbynn, their ruler, are occupied in conducting the punishment and occupation of the different classes of spirits under their charge, who, immediately after passing the first boundary of darkness after leaving the body, begin their progress of punishment and purification. But, when first leaving the body, they are only permitted to reach the darkness and not pass through it, to which place they are conducted by one of the spirits under Corbynn, where, after hearing the dreadful noises, which are beyond, as described in each spirits assertions, they then return to where their body has inhabited and remain amongst their old associates and scenes of life, for a period varying in accordance with their worldly stations. After which, they pass through the darkness and enter that portion of the atmosphere in which they endure the various stages of purification, according to the deeds done in the flesh. And it is only before passing the darkness alluded to that they retain the appearance they had whilst existing upon the earth, except when permitted to visit the scenes of life, from beyond the darkness; when they appear, if by their own accord, in their natural appearance, but if invoked or called from beyond the darkness, they invariably appear in loose garments varying in their colour according to their classes, stations, or conditions. It has been generally understood by astrological science that such planets produce the peculiarities in the characters of man and which, according to the classification, as given by the spirits, I believe to be correct; still we find, however, that there are all kinds of men and characters to each planet. For upon enquiry, I find that Sir Arthur Wellesley classes with the tyrants and is in the atmosphere of Mars; Dr Allen classes with the hypocrites and is in the atmosphere of Jupiter; Saville, the murderer, is in the atmosphere under Mercury; Motley, the drunkard is likewise in the atmosphere of Mercury and Reives, the usurer, is another in the atmosphere under Jupiter; while Ann Simpson is in the atmosphere under Venus; and I find there are infidels and suicides in the atmosphere under each planet; so likewise, of all the classified sins, of both sexes, there are spirits of each in the atmosphere of all the planets and so likewise there are the spirits of both sexes of moral and virtuous persons in the atmospheric regions under each planet. In like manner are the atmospheric regions of the Sun the abodes of the spirits of persons, who, whilst living, inhabited the most Eastern portion of the world and who are likewise divided into eight specific classes, the same as the other planets; while the atmospheric regions under the Moon are the abodes of the spirits of persons, who, whilst living, inhabited the dark regions of the North, or that portion of the world where the congenial influence of the Sun never reaches, and they are divided in like manner into classes with those of the other planets, in accordance with their grades of life whilst living; while the different spheres under Saturn are the abodes of spirits, who, whilst living, occupied the Southern portion of the world, or the coloured creation, who are in like manner divided as above, but with whom I have never held any communication, as I have mentioned in a little book on the science of the Crystal, entitled the Book of Knowledge. Still, however, the celestial spirits declare they are all God’s creatures and are subject to progression, in accordance with their lives, and who are the instruments of torment to countless numbers of their oppressors. The spirit Orion, who is the executive of Michael, has power over the higher classes of the atmospheric regions, as well as over all the immense regions of space and he is in direct communication with the angel Michael, the great aerial ruler. Having now given a thorough description of the manner in which the atmospheric regions are occupied, ruled, and governed, I will now endeavour to describe its appearance, or rather the appearance of the spirits who occupy it. They appear to be, as shown in the vision, continually passing each other; going in opposite directions with the swiftness of whirlwinds in continued circles; taunting and reproaching each other as they pass, yelling, howling, and screaming in the most distressing agony, as the spirits themselves have declared, but which it would be impossible accurately to describe. There is, however, a line of distinction between those of the four upper and four lower classes. The former apparently enjoy a degree of happiness, as their features appear cheerful and they are occupied in singing praises and in mirthful enjoyment but declare they experience sorrow in witnessing the sufferings of those below them; having no power to communicate with them; nor have those below them power to communicate with each other, only in reproaches and retaliation, which is no alleviation to any, and all dreading a future existence, even after this state. And, so it will be seen, that those whose lives are spent in devotion unto God and the welfare of their fellow creatures escapethe highest order of spirits have commanded me to declare to the people that, by refraining from their follies and vices, and repentance of their transgressions, in desisting from injuring their neighbours by oppression, or any other means, that even if the last days of their lives be devoted to His will, that though they must pass through the scenes described in the first sphere in immortality after their death, yet they shall speedily reach the first classes, whose only sufferings are the witnessing of others’ sufferings, and thereby decrease the period of the horrible torture they must otherwise experience, and so speedily reach the classes of those who enjoy happiness even in the first sphere, but who, nevertheless, experience a dread of the future, as they have no knowledge of anything beyond their own sphere. And thus far all their assertions prove the Divine wisdom and justice of a powerful but merciful Almighty God. In reference to the correctness of the astrological calculation of the different planets producing the diversification in the characters and dispositions of men, it is here proved beyond all possible doubt that such is really the case. And that a good planet being closely aspected by an evil one at the time of the birth of any person, and such person being born under the said good planet, the malign influence of such evil planet will alter the life of such person, and make him or her prone to such evils as the nature of such evil planet controls or governshence it is that the evil aspects produce the many peculiarities of persons who are born under the rule of good or benefic planets, while the good aspects of the benefics to the malefic planets better the characters and conditions of those persons who are born under their evil rule, and, although they declare that the period of their continuation in the first sphere exceeds double the period of their natural and material existence, yet it does not appear that they suffer all that time, for, in the first classes of the atmospheric regions, I find there are many persons who have been dead for sixty or eighty years whose only sufferings are the knowledge of the sufferings of others, and the dread of the future state. Amongst these classes I may here observe that there is George the Third, and several other noted public persons who existed in his day, viz. Lord Nelson, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and several noted murderers, and others who were publicly known, and who died before and after the period of George the Third, but whose names are unnecessary here to mention, as my desire is only to show that notwithstanding the considerable time which has elapsed since their death, they have not yet left the first sphere, although their extreme suffering appears to be ended, and they are again looking forward with dreaded apprehension to a future state. But, as they have no power to give any information or instruction respecting the next state of immortality, the next chapter will contain the assertions of spirits who inhabit that sphere, and having now given a thorough description, as far as is possible to find words to express it, of the exterior and interior description of the atmospheric regions of the first sphere of immortality. I must now call my readers attention to the perusal of the following chapter—

A Message from the World of Spirits, J. G. H. Brown, Holyoake & Co., London, 1807