Monday, 31 October 2016

Loyal Devotion

May God, dear brethren, crown your souls

With heavenly beauties, rich and rare;

And mould, upon your earthly lives,

The Impress of His Love and Care,

May glory mark your onward flight,

To Spheres of Everlasting Joy,

Where Happiness and endless Light

Shine forth undimmed, without alloy.

May holy angels wreathe for you

Unfading garlands, fresh and fair,

And place them on your mortal brows

As tokens of their faithful care;

And may each gentle influence

Reflect o'er all a brilliant glow,

And draw them nearer to that world

Where richest pleasures ever flow.

0, may the Star of Truth and Love

Diffuse o'er you its cheering rays,

And guide your souls to God above,

In never-ceasing prayer and praise!

For every blessing you enjoy

His Loving Hand to you imparts;

To Him alone should you ascribe

The grateful homage of your hearts.

Push forward, friends, the sacred work

Which God unto you now has given;

Assist the panting soul to find

The glorious path which leads to Heaven.

0, aid the fallen ones to rise;

Pour in their wounds the oil of love,

And dry the tears from weeping eyes,

By words of cheer from realms above!

Twelve Messages from the spirit of John Quincy Adams through Joseph D. Stiles, medium to Josiah Brigham, Bela Marsh Publishers, Boston, 1859