Sunday, 10 August 2014

Child Souls in the Spirit World

Helen is here now, dictates Helen, and Sister, always wait for me. I see you can feel a false hand at your side. Tell Papa we are both with him all the time; that every day Harry has work at his home, and I am working also, as is my habit, but we keep well in touch with Papa. We feel he is the nearest to us. We do all we know how to make his coming over as swift and sweet as Harry's was.

I cannot describe my own work as well as I wish I might, as it registers on the sort of material you are all unfamiliar with. Yes, that is bad grammar, I know, but it is not so easy to get one's best over. Conditions must be dealt with as well as may be.

F. met L., as he did his own boy. I was not there to see, but I believe his was not so happy a crossing as ours. We don't pry into these things here, but do only what is our special duty. Only the idle minds are curious about what is none of their concern. F. was with his mother when her other boy came over. I can tell you this much, that the latter came as a little child [he died a middle-aged man]. His mother has him to care for, and she feels she was much at fault for his present apparent age. She might have helped his soul to grow there, as she will do now here. Mothers always do what they can here to rectify blunders made on earth. Mother-love is a most God-like attribute, and is a big factor in evolving the race.

Yes, I have seen Grandma B. She is beautiful too. Grandma E. is very beautiful here; tall and full of a grace she never had in her earthly body. She is so strong and sweet, and so full of love for all of us. She is always very near to Sister, whom she helps much. Grandma B. is rather smaller, but full of a certain quiet fun we all enjoy. Harry was more than delighted when I took him to her home.

Oh, yes, she has a home, surely, and in that will Papa first stay until he can build his own. Grandma E. has a home too, full of flowers which seem to be a part of herself. Grandma B. likes other things more. We all build for ourselves here, and for those who shall come after us; it is our recreation. Our work is done only for those who need, and to increase the fund of knowledge. Our playtime is home building, and we do put our best efforts into it. We study every detail, so that in all minute parts it shall be perfect, and fit those for whom it was built.

Grandma B. lives in the lighter country where it is forever smiling summer; Always May, she says. She has her boys about her, and some of them are very small [all were grown men when they died]. Papa will help her bring them up; he is really her eldest now. Yes, you see we too have child souls here to watch over, and try what we can do, for a while. If we fail, then they are taken elsewhere to grow by other means. 

I don't know, Sister, about reincarnation. Harry seems sure of it, and it may be so; we cannot disprove it. People do disappear from our ken here, as with you. Where they go we cannot tell. We speculate, of course, and we try hard to see when they go, and which way, but I, for one, have never been on hand when anyone I knew left here. Up or down they might have gone; we can only surmise by their looks. Some shrink and darken; some grow larger, taller, and brighter. We guess, but we can prove nothing. We have work to do, and pray to be of the brighter bands who go. Common sense suggests that with them one's chance is best. So we work and wait for our dear ones, and are happy as a rule.