Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Prayer of Devotion

The Prayer of Devotion—Study it line by line and word by word until you get a realisation of its meaning.


We, Thy chosen servants, to whom Thou hast given the great privilege of becoming co-workers with the Masters of Wisdom, ask that we may have Wisdom and Power and Courage and Humility to carry us through the work of this day.

We open our hearts that the Divine Love of the Master may fill us; that all irritation, inharmony and slothfulness may be transmuted into Love that shall draw us closer in unity to all our fellow workers, both seen and unseen; that we may grow absolutely one with the force of Wisdom and Compassion that is sent forth to accomplish the great work for humanity.

Give us all things necessary, that there may be no hampering conditions.

Lead us through this day in the name of the Divine, Everliving Christ, that the will of the Father may be done in us and through us forevermore.