Sunday, 21 January 2018

God’s Love Towards Humanity

There is before you all a problem which must be faced in God's good time; it is that of choosing the sympathetic companionship of those you love and making it exclusiveor in being willing to sacrifice a proportion of that companionship and to throw open your hearts and minds to the majority. I know you shrink from the larger view. There is much that will be uncongenial, so you think. There will be obstacles of many kinds and a sense of loneliness as well. But, dear friendsI speak to all who read these records, dear friends as well as my children here tonighteither on this plane or in the planes of the Spirit you have got to learn true brotherhood or true sisterhood; you have got to make yourselves one in sympathy with the least and the frailest of God's creatures.

Zodiac’s Teachings