Sunday, 11 June 2017


There are spirit-lives in the first spiritual zone that have a morbid desire and curiosity to witness human sorrow, suffering and even tragedy and death and these diseased spirit-lives are often found in homes of sorrow and tragedy and in homes toward which these evils are approaching.

I have on a number of occasions observed one or more of these spirit-lives in homes of sorrow and have on a number of other occasions been able even to foresee the approach of a tragedy within a home by having observed the presence of one or more of these spirit-lives. Yet I do not fully understand these lives. However, I know that they are earthbound spirits of a very low order who in their former life committed some peculiarly atrocious crime or caused great human suffering to someone and who, therefore, have a morbid curiosity to study the things that caused their downfall and delayed them in their spiritual development.

These sorrow loving or morbidly curious spirit-lives of the first spiritual zone or rather those that I have had an occasion to observe were quiet, silent, unobtrusive, dark and brooding spiritual entities, clothed in raiment of the darker shades, resembling black and brown intermingled.

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge Pertaining to the Spiritual World, Benjamin F. Woodcox, Woodcox & Fanner, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1923