Sunday, 11 June 2017


We are all musical instruments keyed to receive certain vibrations, ranging from the animal physical to the super-spiritual. And these vibrations, to which we are attuned, convey to us information and knowledge that is denied to those who are not keyed to our rate of vibration, or who, in other words, are differently developed.

Much of that which we assume we know we must accept on faith, or else wait for that knowledge until we have evolved sufficiently to include that knowledge within the range of our vibratory perception.

There are those among us who are in tune with the spiritual, that is, who have developed sufficiently to have attained to spiritual knowledge and perception. And we must accept what these individuals have to say to us as true, or else we must remain in ignorance until we have attained to the same rate of vibratory perception to which they have attained.

Each man who with sincerity reports anything to us deserves to be believed, but only those who have attained the highest possible points in spiritual development are in a position to convey to us anything like an accurate knowledge of things spiritual.

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge Pertaining to the Spiritual World, Benjamin F. Woodcox, Woodcox & Fanner, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1923