Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge 66

The usual means of communication in the spiritual world, and between the spiritual and the physical worlds, is that of thought transfer sent clairvoyantly, or clairaudiently, or that of rays of light.

When a spirit-life desires to send a message clairvoyantly, it does so by picturing the receptive personality and locality, and the message to be sent. If it desires to send the message clairaudiently, it thinks of the receptive mind and directs the message to that mind by force of will, and in thought form.

Messages sent by rays of light, emitted from the spirit body of the sending life, have the peculiar advantage over other messages of conveying to the receiving life a sense of personal touch and presence.

Spiritual communication between spirit-lives of the same spiritual zone is comparatively easy, though this ability to communicate becomes more difficult as it extends downward or upward in the scale of spiritual evolution, and therefore of vibratory activity and refinement.

It is with difficulty that the spiritual world is able to communicate with the physical world because of the coarseness of the physical mind and the difference in the rate of vibration between the different lives of the spiritual and the physical worlds.

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge Pertaining to the Spiritual World, Benjamin F. Woodcox, Woodcox & Fanner, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1923