Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge 44

Earthbound spirits are spirit-lives that have not yet completed their journey in human form, and must, therefore, return again to earth, and keep on so returning until they have attained sufficient spiritual vitality, strength and development to no longer need the protection of a physical body or form. They are spirits that departed their physical body, through death, before they had completed their physical journey, or were prepared for the life that is beyond.

All other spirit-lives that are in the first spiritual zone are spiritual entities that have completed their physical material journey but have not yet attained to a high point in the spiritual world, and so must linger near to earth until they have attained a little more spiritual vitality and strength before they can venture into that more rarefied atmosphere which is above.

It is not an uncommon thing for a spirit-life to have failed to complete its earthly journey in one lifetime, or in a number of lifetimes, and therefore to have to return to earth again in human form. In fact, this returning is so common that it fails to attract any attention on that spiritual plane, next to the physical material world, where these earthbound spirits dwell until they can again return to earth to complete their journey in the physical material world.

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge Pertaining to the Spiritual World, Benjamin F. Woodcox, Woodcox & Fanner, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1923