Friday, 16 June 2017


No spirit-life that is in human form can enter the second and higher spiritual zones, yet actual scenes from within these zones are sometimes flashed to us in moments of illumination.

In such moments, we sometimes catch glimpses of landscapes, plants, flowers, rivers, lakes and various other things that are of the second and higher spiritual zones.

The flowers of the second spiritual zone are beautiful, and in some respects resemble those of the earth plane, from which they may have come through having attained their physical completion.

I know not from whence these flowers of the second spiritual zone have come, but I know that the few varieties which it has been my pleasure to observe are very beautiful, with a delicate, spirit-like beauty that is not in form, nor shape, nor colour, and that cannot be described in words.

Unless the spiritual world has been illuminated for you, and you have caught a few glimpses of its landscapes, flowers, foliage and other life thereon, it is useless for me to continue, for I can bring to you no description that you will understand, or that will convey to you any impression whatever.

The flowers of the second spiritual zone do not grow in such profusion that they get in the way, and must be stepped upon. Rather, flowers are rarer in the second spiritual zone than here and seem to have been planted and cared for with more love and devotion than is usually bestowed upon flowers, at least upon this earth plane of ours.

Among the flowers of the second spiritual zone, there are some in shades and colours that are entirely unknown to me, some in shades and colours that I have never observed before, and know do not exist in the physical material world.

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge Pertaining to the Spiritual World, Benjamin F. Woodcox, Woodcox & Fanner, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1923