Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Good heavens, what a farce!

I went to church the other day, not for the first time; but I have refrained from speaking about it hitherto for very shame's sake. Indeed, I would rather have kept away altogether, but one is forced to do a great deal here one would prefer to leave alone.

Be it known, then, that hell is not without a church establishment. We have everything, you see, yet nothing—nothing! You will understand, I cannot be speaking of the Church, in the true meaning of the word, that is why I add establishment—disestablishment would be as good a term—and of course, there is no such thing as a worshipping congregation here, or anything like divine service. I can only say we go to church. Good heavens, what a farce!

Letters from Hell, L. W. J. S., Richard Bentley & Son, London, 1889