Sunday, 28 May 2017


There are in the spiritual world, and even near us, invisible spiritual creatures other than those that have come up through the evolution of our planetary life; invisible spiritual creatures that have evidently attained to the spiritual world from planets other than ours. But these spirit-lives from other worlds do not differ in any essential from us. The difference is merely one of detail, due to a difference in planetary conditions and the environment through which they have evolved.

The laws of nature are all the same on every terrestrial globe and throughout the spiritual universe. So the life that has attained to the spiritual world from planets other than ours is so nearly like us that a detailed description does not seem to be necessary nor desirable. However, there is invisible and spirit-life on the surface of our planet other than that with which we are acquainted, and some species of this life are interesting and might be briefly described.

For instance, there is the fairylike spirit-life that is to be found in the forest, along the streams and lakes, and in other wild and beautiful places on the surface of our globe. These are spiritual creatures, small in stature, generous in impulse, inclined to do good and to help mankind; fond of child life, and more akin to the creatures of our woodlands and streams than to man.

Then again, there are spiritual creatures that are to be found on the surface of our physical material world, and even within our homes and by our firesides, other than the departed spirits of our friends. These are spiritual creatures apparently of our species and our world; obtrusive but not friendly, silent, thoughtful. They are clothed in raiment of dark blue, black or grey, and apparently are earthbound spirits.

Still again, there are spiritual creatures, highly developed, intelligent and friendly, that generally appear for a moment, disappear and reappear in little globes of light, in colours of light blue to silver white, with pinkish background.

These spiritual creatures, or spirits, usually appear when we are alone in the silence, and they are usually the bearers of information, knowledge, and the gift of spiritual perception. Their presence is first made manifest by the sense of spiritual touch, which causes a tingling sensation to run over the entire nervous system of the physical body.

Fragments of Spiritual Knowledge Pertaining to the Spiritual World, Benjamin F. Woodcox, Woodcox & Fanner, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1923