Sunday, 9 April 2017

The image of our real true Self

Just as the Divine Flame is within the seed which will grow into the pattern which is descending through all the realms, so does the Divine Self which is a part of Divinity or, we might say, a spark sent out by the Great Flame we call God descend through all the realms and become clothed with the substance of each realm. And when it reaches the physical realm, it must enter in and be clothed with the substance of this physical realm. This is why we speak of the Higher Self as being one with God, and yet this Higher Self has within the body of flesh only as much of the Pattern as it has been possible to manifest or to unfold. And for this reason, as long as we identify our consciousness with the physical body and call it the Self, we are not unfolding the true pattern of our Divine Self. If we always realise this Divine Self as seeking to clothe itself with purified atoms, we will gradually grow into the image of our real true Self.

The Teacher