Sunday, 23 April 2017

Invocation—Evening Prayer

O divine and loving Father, as we rest through the darkness on thy breast, help us to draw close to thee in love, and to realise the almighty power of thy divine Son filling and comforting us. For as the earth and air retain the magnetic and life-giving forces of the sun to bring forth for the new day as it withdraws each night, so may we retain in our Souls through the darkness the light and warmth of his shining, knowing that as the sun rises for the new day we too shall rise stronger, truer, sweeter and more beautiful because we have rested in thy love in abiding faith and trust.

Realms of the Living Dead—A Brief Description of Life After Death, Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, the Curtiss Philosophic Book Company, Washington D. C., 1926