Saturday, 8 April 2017

How am I to overcome so much depression?

There is so much depression for which I can see no tangible reason. I feel old and still and heavy. By superhuman efforts, I suppress it for a day or two, but it bobs up again. How am I to overcome it?

As to the depression you complain of, do not think that you must fight it or suppress it. The thing we fight we strengthen, for we concentrate upon it and it always fights back. This is the natural law of reaction. Instead, find out if possible if there is anything wrong physically with your body, as there may be some poisoning caused by bad teeth or something of that kind, which could easily be remedied. If there is nothing of this sort to be remedied, then try to live above the condition. Simply realise that the Real you is not old and stiff and heavy and that your mind is young and light and joyful, and as much as possible through reading and thinking along the lines of the higher truths, come into touch with beautiful things. But if your poor old body insists on being heard, pay as little attention to it as possible. However, remember that before you can ignore it you must give it wise attention. But as we said before, try not to fight the condition or to dwell on it. Use our Healing Prayer, then say—

I am not this body. I am a free Soul, and I will dwell with my Christ in the eternal joy of the higher life.


O thou loving and helpful Master Jesus!

Thou who gavest to Thy disciples power to heal the sick!

We, recognising Thee, and realising Thy divine Presence with us,

Ask Thee to lay Thy hands upon us in healing Love.

Cleanse US from all OUR sins,

And by the divine power of Omnipotent Life,

Drive out the atoms of inharmony and disease, 

And fill our bodies full to overflowing with Life and Love and Purity.

Letters from the Teacher, Volume II, Universal Religious Fellowship Inc., Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, Curtiss Book Company, California, 1924