Sunday, 30 April 2017

It is not too late

Could I but let you see things as I see them, you would not despair! Wretched, undone and lost though you feel yourselves, you need not be hopeless. Despair has no right on earth—its true realm, alas, is here! And here only it is ever too late. Do you not know that your life on earth is but a part, an infinitesimally small part of the existence given to you, and that little is lost even if all earthly hopes have failed? I need not have said all; for no man is left so entirely desolate. Waste and ruined though life may appear to you, there is many a spot left where the waters of content may spring—where joy even for you may be found to be growing if you could but trust! And the world is not all. Behold the stars, they are more than you could number. If the world indeed were lost and earthly life a failure, what is it? There are other worlds awaiting you, a better life is at hand. Look up, I say, and despair not! It is a lie if anyone tells you it is too late. It is not too late. You may yet be fully satisfied. This is a truth as unshakable as the existence of God Himself. Repent thee, O man! O, woman! and turn from thy ways; turn to Him who can save thee, who will save thee! However late it be, there is yet time for thee to begin a new life. But delay not—ah, delay not to enter upon the happy road that may lead thee from star to star, even into realms of joy eternal. Delay not, I say; for if death surprise thee on the road of despair with sins unforgiven, heaven and all its stars will fade away in the night that evermore must enwrap thy soul.

Letters from Hell, L. W. J. S., Richard Bentley & Son, London, 1889