Saturday, 8 April 2017

Complementary Souls

I have met a young lady who to me seems to be surely my true mate, but we have each had our horoscopes made and from their reading, we are told that astrologically we should not marry. Can you help us, as we both love deeply?

In the case of Soulmates, we take no special account of the astrological indications. Each Soul has his own true Soulmate, i. e., some time in the very beginning of their evolution the two were one, and although they are not necessarily married to each other in every incarnation (because sometimes one has some lesson which must be learned alone), or the other is not in incarnation; nevertheless, they must ultimately come together again and must work out their complete Karma together. They would always be together if they always followed their higher guidance and sought always for help from on high.

Every Soul that comes to this world must pass through all the signs of the zodiac at least twelve times. Therefore, you can understand that two Souls destined to be one might at some point in their evolution be manifesting through different zodiacal signs. But if they had obeyed the Law and had always worked together, they might be in exactly the right signs.

Regardless of the astrological aspects, if you have asked for guidance, the guidance will be given you, and if you are reasonably sure that you are mates then the marriage is right. If your signs are not favourable, it simply means that you will both have karmic stumbling blocks to overcome. But these last only for this life, and the great love between you will help you to overcome them. In looking forward to your marriage, instead of asking whether or not you are mated astrologically, ask that you be shown beyond any mistake whether or not you truly belong together and are complementary

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