Saturday, 18 March 2017

Our karmic due

Shut out of your consciousness the thought of bad luck, etc. As long as we hold fast to the thought that all we can expect are the things we experience, then that is all we ever will get. For we have thus made a law for ourselves that this is our portion and although  the world is ruled by God Almighty, who is Love, and who desires His children to receive all that is good and necessary, yet the instant man (for man is made in God's image and has the power to create through thought) makes a hard and fast rule that certain things and only such things are coming to him, then such things must come to him until he learns his mistake because they come through the power of his thought. They are created not by God, or sent by God, but are created in the world by all the people who have corresponding thoughts. And by repeating such words and thinking such thoughts we absolutely make an avenue through which they come to us. There is no such thing as either bad or good luck; we get that which is our karmic due or that which we create and draw to ourselves.

Therefore, change these words and instead of saying that nothing but such things shall come to you, say I know my Father wants me to do a certain work for humanity and if I do my duty and believe that I am going to be able to do this, then He will give me that which is best. My own can come to me only through His great love and His great power. So I will not have my life ruled by the evil things created by man but will go direct to my Father-in-heaven and receive my heritage.

The Teacher