Saturday, 11 February 2017

Two ideas for your month's work

Remember our Soul, the Divine part of us, is one with God. Our personality and our physical conditions in the world are one with all mankind. We are not here for our own salvation wholly but equally to uplift and bless and help all humanity. Therefore, take these two ideas for concentration and try your best to fix your thoughts upon them, that is, take the two ideas for your month's work. For a long time if necessary you may repeat them just as words but never fail to do it. Repeat them three times a day at least and as often as you feel the call to do so in the course of the day. But later on, you will find that you do not have to repeat them as words, for something of their true meaning has sunk into your heart. And when this occurs, strive to live them instead of saying them. 

First, say to yourself,

I am a child of God, one with my Father. My Divine Mother is Love. My Divine Life is the Christ. I am one with all this and I can and must draw my thought-force from this source.

The second is

Since I am a child of the Godhead, I have come into this physical world to work out certain things both in myself and in the world. I can only do this by my realisation of my oneness with my Father-Mother and also my oneness with all my brothers and sisters in the world.

The Teacher