Saturday, 11 February 2017

The power to overcome difficulties

There is a certain Karmataking Karma to mean cause and effectwhich in past incarnations we have set up and built into our character and this naturally brings us in touch with certain conditions. And because they are the result of such cause and effect, these conditions are very difficult to meet and conquer. For their cause is built into our nature, hence we should understand the true meaning of Karma; that it is not only the cause of these conditions built into us but also opportunities to gain the power to overcome their effects.

Therefore, it is very different from that which we call fate. For instance, suppose you had as Karma inherited a bad temper and the effect of this temper would naturally be to bring you into many difficult conditions. Yet in the very inheritance of this temper, there is the power to overcome the difficulty, if we ask by the power of the Christ to find it.

The Teacher