Saturday, 28 January 2017

True Prayer (or Spiritual Aspiration)

There is but one universal Law governing all manifestations of life, from molecule to cosmos, and this works with mathematical precision through foreordained channels. Hence to pray for (get) anything you must obey the Law and seek and expect to get only in accordance with the Law through these natural channels. The Infinite Spirit, manifesting as Father-Mother-Love, as it correlates with matter must, of necessity, work with the Law, for Love is the fulfilling of the Law. Matter, being inert and dense, is opposed to Spirit in that the finer vibrations of Spirit find it difficult to set the comparatively inert matter into harmonious vibration and as each is at an opposite pole there can be no direct contact the one with the other. Communication between the two must follow the regular, lawful channels. It is here that prayer, in its true conception, comes in. True prayer or spiritual aspiration is simply a correlating of the brain and physical consciousness with the spiritual, thus creating a natural channel of communication through which the spiritual force can flow. In other words, it is closing the circuit. The Will, a desire for spiritual gifts and a constant attitude of devotion are the proper channels but words, meditation and a recognition of the end to be attained are steps leading to their opening.

Prayer is a channel leading to the attainment of the fixed purpose (desire for spiritual gifts) and Prayer, Will and Spiritual Desire are steps necessary for those to follow who have not attained that perfect control over the whole life mind, emotions and purpose which they may ultimately attain. Those who have attained can well dispense with prayer but not those who are still striving. Prayer is the Jacob's ladder, one end resting on earth, the other reaching into heaven. 

When your sons and daughters were young you expected them to ask for what they thought necessary, even though you in your wisdom did not grant it but when they had grown to the age of discretion you were content that they should hold an attitude of respectful love and obedience. Until you have attained to your Father's stature in spiritual growth He expects you to ask for what you think necessary, even though He in His Wisdom does not grant it. Prayer is but the asking.

To pray for assistance is, if rightly understood, merely to recognise the inflowing of Divine Love and to struggle to make a place for it. To ask for guidance is but to take hold of the power of Divinity as a little child grasps its father's hand. The child does not say, Father, give me bread and clothing and houseroom, for all that is its birthright but it is quite right to come to its father with its difficulties, its lessons and its little tumbles and bruises and ask for sympathy and help. Although the child must fight its own way through life you would be a cruel father to refuse a helpful talk if it poured into your ears a tale of difficulty and discouragement or to refuse sympathy when it was bruised or wounded.

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