Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Lessons of Suffering

Take the Healing Prayer as your daily companion. That is, do not merely repeat it, but take it with you in your heart and repeat it word by word. Meditate upon each word until the real meaning and the strength becomes a part of you. Dwell upon it until even the subconsciousness of the cells of your body begin to take up the wonderful vibrations of the healing force, and the Divine Power of Omnipotent Life finds a channel through which it can flow unimpeded in healing streams through all your bodies. First, picture to yourself for at least a day, or longer if you cannot make it a reality in that time, the Master Jesus. Think of Him as a man who has obtained mastery over physical forces and who especially understands the manipulation of and correlation with the One Life. Think of Him as standing at the head of the great Hierarchy of Healing, all-powerful and full of Wisdom, knowing the lessons of suffering and the necessity of having the body adjust itself to the higher vibrations; knowing that suffering is the result of ignorance as to just how to bring about the readjustment. This readjustment is often learned only after many lives of suffering, but it is a lesson that all must learn. Then think of Him as a loving, tender, helpful Master whose high office and loving desire it is to help His children in making their readjustment; who is waiting and watching in patience, and in love that passeth understanding, to stretch out His hands to all who cry unto Him aright. The mere desire for physical relief is not enough. There must be a realisation of what pain is and why you suffer. If you cannot find such a realisation, then a cry for light and understanding will bring it to you. The cry should not be to take away the pain but to teach you the lessons of pain. Ask with all your heart and know full well that the love which suffers with you, knowing that you must conquer through knowledge, is only too eager to help you. Believe that your Father sees you while you are yet a great way off, and goes forth to meet you. The new robe of health and purity is awaiting you and the feast is spread.

In this way, sentence by sentence, go over the Prayer taking a new sentence each day, and verily, verily, when you have grasped the meaning of it all the new life will be yours. But remember that all spiritual force must enter the physical body from the spiritual body and after thoroughly refreshing and rejuvenating the astral body it will find expression in the physical. Hence no real healing of physical ills can be effectual until a correlation is made with the One Life. By correlation is meant free and unimpeded communication with and circulation of spiritual life through all your bodies, so that the Will of the Father is done on earth even as it is in heaven.


O Thou loving and helpful Master Jesus! 
Thou who gavest to Thy disciples power to heal the sick!
We, recognising Thee and realising Thy divine presence within us, 
Ask Thee to lay Thy hands upon us in healing love.
Cleanse us from all our sins,
And by the divine power of Omnipotent Life, 
Drive out the atoms of inharmony and disease, 
And fill our bodies full to overflowing with Life, and Love, and Purity.

Letters from the Teacher, Teachings of the Order of the 15, transcribed by Harriette Augusta Curtiss and F. Homer Curtiss, Curtiss Book Company, Los Angeles, California, 1913